As a blogger, there are many lines I must be aware of of which I must be aware. (Take that grammar snobs.) There are just certain things you don’t, or rather shouldn’t, blog about. One of my favorite bloggers, Dooce, learned this the hard way when she spent the first two or so years of her blogging life writing things about her family. She has since deleted these posts, but she is quick to point out that it really did some damage.

I know my immediate family reads this (hi mum! dad! little otter!) and I would never post something on this blog that would intentionally hurt them. No matter what I am dealing with, the Internet doesn’t need to know when we (my family and I) are fighting. And, I don’t think you, the Internet, would really care. But after tonight all I want to do is cross that line, because I was really, really hurt by a family member that occasionally reads this blog.

I want to tell you all about my summer adventures because they have been lovely. I went to a penitentiary today! Like, OMG. It was amazing. But sadly, I am just NOT in the mood to tell you about it, and believe me, it deserves a good, proper story.

SO I probably won’t be blogging for a few days, until things in the family clear up and life goes back to normal. I do love my family, but sometimes it is that extended family that can really mess you up. So if you don’t hear from me for a while, it isn’t because I’ve neglected you; it’s because I just don’t have it in me to tell you a good story.

Sorry for the cloud of gloom.


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  1. Genevieve

    Let me guess… you will be studying all of your Shakespeare plays… right BIZ!!??!!

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