Sweet Southern Comfort…Food.

Hello all! I’ve missed you these past few weeks, Internet! I moved out of my dorm, then moved from my one house to another house in a new town, which meant no internets. Then I moved from that house to my lovely new apartment, which meant, again, no internets until I got the comcast to come to my place of living. They came over this morning, and here we are.

I do plan on blogging about the move, because there are some funny stories to tell. But it is currently 12:23, and I am feeling like death (or what I suppose death feels like) and I’m making myself a dessert for tomorrow. I thought I would post this here, because I misssssed you.

I know this recipe is not ground-breaking, nor is it a family secret. For goodness sake, it is on the back of one of the ingredients needed! But it is what I remember my grandmother fixing me when I visited her in Florida, and that is where I would rather be. But! I can’t go, and I am completely fine with that, so I thought I would bring a bit of my grandmother here. Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Let’s get to cooking.

This is Banana Pudding.

You will need:

*These measurements below are for a single serving (me), feel free to add or subtract.*

1-2 boxes INSTANT Vanilla Pudding

1 box Vanilla Wafers

2 Bananas

Step One:

Gather your ingredients. Also, don’t make the same mistake I made. You are likely to get much faster results if you buy the INSTANT pudding, rather than the cook and serve like I did.

Step Two:

Make the pudding. You want to end up with the consistency of…pudding. (Did I seriously just write that?) Scoop it in your spoon, hold the spoon upside down over the bowl, and it should just, sort of, fall in lumps. Do you know what I mean? I can’t really describe it. For the cook and serve you will need to put the pudding in the fridge for a while after you boil it. It will need to stay there most likely overnight (or for a good while if you are making this during the day), but I am impatient so I’m not going to bed until it is done. Don’t forget to stir it occasionally. Trust me it will take a while for it to cool.

Step Three:

Layer the vanilla wafers.

*If you bought the cook and serve, and are currently chilling it in the fridge, I would complete this step and go ahead and set aside some crushed wafers, seen in step seven*

Step Four:

Slice and layer the banana. This is quite the simple step.Once you’ve cut up however much banana you desire, layer it over the wafers.

Step Five:

Layer the pudding over the bananas and wafers.

Step Six:

Repeat steps three, four, and five as many times as needed.

Step Seven:

Crush up vanilla wafers to go on top. (You should end with pudding as the top and final layer.)

Step Eight:

If you so desire, put cool whip (blech) on top before you sprinkle the crushed wafers. If you so desire perfection, skip the whip and sprinkle away.

Step Nine:

Place in fridge for an extended amount of time. This is to ensure the pudding is quite cold and delicious.

Step Ten:

Wait no longer than absolutely necessary and dig right in. YUMMMMMMMMY.

I hope you enjoy this post. I had fun making it.

Until we meet again Internet.


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