I recently found this poem. I wrote it for my friend Kristen while sitting in a guest lecture that went with a project we did in French class. I didn’t want to be there.

Yo Yo Yo
Stop right there
And I’ll tell you a tale
About how I became friends
With a kick-ass female.

Her name is Kristen
And she’s pretty fly
She loves her boyfriend
He’s a pretty cool guy.

We’re sitting in a lecture
Not really listening to the speech,
The questions are on the posters
The posters are just in our reach.

But we cannot get to them
Because of this damn man talkin,
We want to get out of here
So he better start walkin.

There are so many people
Sittin on the floor,
He keeps askin questions
And I think “There can’t be more”

But his mouth keeps on movin
The words just pour out,
No one gives a crap about his lecture
Of this I have no doubt.

There are people takin notes
Which has got me thinkin,
My eyes are getting dry
So I must keep blinking.

That rhyme didn’t really
Fit with my poem,
But I don’t really care
I just want to go home.

I thought we were only going
To be in here for a short time,
So in my boredom
I’ve written this rhyme.

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