I Wear High Heels and Dresses. Obviously.

Picture it. 9:30 in the morning- your first class of the day. You are tired, annoyed and grumpy. Maybe you are sleepy but happy. Maybe you are nothing. But you are dressed. The question is– what are you wearing? Think about this question for a second. Jeans? T-shirt? Pajamas? You are comfortable. Me? I am comfortable, but that comfort comes by way of high heels, and a dress. Or flats and nice pants and a professional shirt. And sometimes it was because I had to go teach in  a middle school. But a lot of times…a lot of times I wore “fancy stuff” (according to my classmates) because I just feel more comfortable in it.

I do not play sports. I read fashion blogs, and watch the Food Network. I go and support people who play sports, but let’s be honest: I’d much rather be watching a play.

Today I left campus and spent the day at home, and my brother decided NOW was the time to FORCE ME INTO PLAYING LACROSSE WITH HIM. Now, for you devoted readers (all five of you), you may recall me attempting to explain what Lacrosse is. If not, please reference this post. Anywho, it is terrifying! There are so many people running and having identity issues and etc. So you can’t even imagine me out there, throwing the ball back and forth with my baby brother.

Well imagine no further. In my never ending quest to please you, I documented the (majority) of the process. Since I was terrified I decided to wear gloves, elbow pads, and a helmet. Because you can never be too careful. Please note, I am not wearing shoes.

This is me in my safety gear. Duh.

The baby brother, showing off.

In action!

I finally caught it!

Vogue. Strike a pose.

Clementine watching her mother make a complete fool out of herself.

Everything I do, I do it all for you Internet. All for you.

And just when I thought we had a good thing going, TRAGEDY STRIKES. It was such a TERRIBLE INCIDENT that not even my helmet, elbow pads, or gloves could save me. No, no, it was that fateful decision to NOT WEAR SHOES.


The Stupid Idiot, aka my baby brother, threw the ball and it hit my foot.

Game over.


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2 responses to “I Wear High Heels and Dresses. Obviously.

  1. Genevieve

    O.M.G.. Funniest thing in a long time!!
    You are great sport!!!!

  2. Sarawrrr

    Lauren. Rule number one of sports and also going outside: always wear shoes. Yeah…I think you’ve learned your lesson. ❤

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