A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends…

Let’s skip over the part where I apologize profusely for not blogging in…FOREVER. Life is busy, and I don’t mean socially busy, you know, the fun kind of busy. Life is busy in the bad way. Too much work, too many papers, too many projects and documentaries I have to make. Also, I’ve only had two presentations, but that is two too many. Let’s see how many times I can use the word two/to/too in this blog.

No, let’s don’t.

Anyway, here we are Internet. Face to face, screen to screen, heart to heart. What has been going on with you lately? Anything good? Tell me about it in the comments. I don’t have interesting things to say, because you don’t want to hear about all the work I’ve been doing. Like the 7 1/2 hours I spent working on an inquiry project. You know, a project where I come up with a research question, do the research, compile it into quantitative data, bind it all together, but then don’t actually write any sort of research paper. At all. That was a fun Sunday morning/afternoon my friends.

I suppose there are *some* things I could tell you. I could tell you about the fact that my roommate takes 3-4 hour naps on an almost daily basis, forcing me to be quiet. OR I could tell you about the time our power went out, and now the overhead lights in our room don’t work, so every time we go to turn on the light switch it is like a mean practical joke the building is playing with us. Speaking of our building, I could tell you about how some moron decided to run the heat in this non-air conditioned building, forcing us to turn our window fans on high, which only pushes around hot air!

Or, I could stop complaining and tell you about things that make me smile:

Iced coffees from Dunkin.

World Literature.

Finding new T.V. shows to get addicted to.

Watching episodes of old T.V. shows and realize I love them more than I ever have.

Finishing fifteen page papers.

Turning over a new page in my calendar.

This poem.

All the decorations in my dorm room.

Window fans.

Finding $20 I didn’t know I had.

Hanging out with my brother and sister and watching hours of Scrubs together.

My cat.

And so many other things.

What makes you happy?


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2 responses to “A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends…

  1. Sarawrrr

    The fact that you blogged made me happy. Also hot showers, screened in decks, dunkin donuts, driving with my windows down, the fact my shamrocks are still alive, the sound of rain, Chinese food, Hotel Dupont, the about me section of my facebook, watching scrubs with you and James, judaism, pajamas, fire, texts, sleeping cats, naps, skype, British accents, the moon, soup, cupcakes, owls, gnomes, puppies, sandwhiches- of the poultry/vegetarian sort, MLIA, vacations, cruises, blogs, Obama finger puppets, letters in the mail, sharpies, the number 8, …’s, Fiji water, counting down until my birthday (17 days), Curtis (the manager of the Dupont parking garage), hotels, trees, wind, Canada, CSPAN, childrens tv shows, ok
    I’ll stop now. (; ❤

  2. Genevieve

    I love when all my kids are together and there is a lot of laughter! I also love…my cat, flowers (hydrangeas most), FOX News, Watching tv with my kids, my cat, going to the movies, my husband!!, baths, watching Chuck play lacrosse, my cat, coconut popsicles, crisp fall nights, snow, nature, watching Anne Of Green Gables, my cat and my kids!! I’m sure there is lots more but that’s all for now!

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