Only a passing thing.

For one of the classes I’m taking in New Zealand (yes, I’m actually studying not just gallivanting around) I am required to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I watched the second of the movies tonight, The Two Towers, and while it is my least favorite (I find it dreadfully boring) it does contain my favorite moment from the trilogy– Sam’s “motivational” speech to Frodo. I think this is one of the most beautiful speeches in any movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m leaving for my trip in just TWO DAYS. I’m really excited and really, really nervous. (I’m not the biggest fan of flying. I mean, once I’m up in the air I’m fine. It is the taking off and the landing that terrifies me. Oh, and terrorists.) I know I’m going to have the time of my life, and hopefully meet some amazing people, which means I will be terribly busy. So starting January 1st I will be taking a little hiatus from Improbablefiction. I do plan on blogging, but this will be for uploading pictures, and video, and journals and whatnot. I’ve created a whole website for this trip which you can find by clicking on any one of these highlighted words. Expect my full report on the book club challenge. I’m three books away from my goal! Tune in to see if I’ve completed my mission.

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