Oh How I Loath Group Projects.

Sometimes when I sit down to write blogs, I get very distracted. It starts with checking my email which has some word in it that reminds me of a song. Then I have to listen to that song, so I go to iTunes and find it, play it. But when I am searching for it I come across another song I want to listen to, so I must sit there for about ten minutes trying to decide which song to play, even though I could have probably listened to them both about four times. I go back to my webmail which reminds me to check my grade for my latest paper. Then I get a twitter notification and I have to check that and it is 11 Points saying he has crafted yet another awesome list that I must read, so I go read that. Then I check facebook, like I do every other second, then I go and check my webmail again. Why? I don’t know. I just always check it after facebook for some random reason. Then I sit and try really hard to think of what I was doing and suddenly I remember I was going to write a blog.

So here we are. As I began typing this I felt a little off balanced; like my left foot was much colder than my right. How odd! I looked down and realized that I had one rainboot on and one off. Somehow I had managed to change from my jeans and nice shirt into sweatpants and t-shirt… and only took one rainboot off in the process. Sometimes I have no idea where my mind is.

ANYWAY.. the point! Get to the point Lauren! Today I was able to register for classes for spring semester! I love registering for classes. SO FUN! My registration time was 9am. The thing is, I have class at 9:05. So of course I took my computer to class and, along with the majority of other seniors, didn’t pay attention to a single word of what my professor was saying. What was supposed to be a five minute thing turned into a forty minute ordeal. Why? Because we managed to crash the University website, we are just that good. Thirty minutes later they had us up and running and I successfully got into all the classes I want. So this is what my schedule looks like for next semester (particularly for my mother and father’s sake… hi mum and dad!)


9:00-9:55 Diversity in Secondary Education

10:10-11:00 World Lit

11:15-12:05 French 107 (Mon/Wed only)

Tuesday/ Thursday:

9:30-10:45 British Lit II

11:00-11:50 French 107

So, can we just take a quick second to look at this schedule? I mean… I’ve never been out by 12:05 or earlier every single day of the week. This semester my last class doesn’t end until 4:30 (mon-thurs)!! I’m so excited! Plus I’ll have all that time to complete my field study. This means I can get it over with exceptionally fast, as I can go every single day of the week. I’m quite happy. My last class I am taking is an online course, and it is all about detecting Art forgery. Sounds interesting, so hopefully it will go well. I’ve never had an online class before…

I think (I hope) next semester will be a million times better. This semester has been… an experience. I can’t wait until it is over with. Also, I just got asked to live with a few friends in an apartment next year! Exciting! My university has this rule that no seniors can live on campus… lame, I know. So I think I’m going to live with some really nice gals.

Thanksgiving is so very close… only a few days away! I’m hoping to post what I’m thankful for before, or on, Thursday. However, I don’t know how well the internet is where I’ll be staying, so it may have to wait until I get back. But I am thankful for a lot of things!!

For now I must drift off to the land of dreams. I’m leaving tomorrow! So very excited!!

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