Happy Halloween.

No, I didn’t dress up for Halloween. I did, however, pass out candy to the most ADORABLE and FRIGHTENING kids. What an experience I tell you. But enough about that. The real reason for this post.

I got back to the dorm around 11:30 and on my desk was this piece of paper labeled COMMUNITY AGREEMENT. I am assuming this is from my RA (whom I’ve only ever seen three times this semester) and what we are supposed to do is give a suggestion about how we can improve the floor community. Since each member of the room is asked to suggest something, my rommate took the more serious route (speaking for both of us) while I spoke from the heart. This is my suggestion:

Teach the boys on our hall various insults so they don’t have to continually call each other “vagina.”

Yes, I really did put that. Yes, I really am serious.

Thank you and goodnight.


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3 responses to “Happy Halloween.

  1. Genevieve

    That my dear is absolutely hilarious!!!!!! Good for you!!!

  2. Seriously, there are WAY better words for vagina that guys can call each other than actually saying vagina. I can’t believe those guys don’t know that.

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