Thank you GLEE. Now I have the thong song stuck in my head.

For the past couple of days there have been a lot of things going on in my life that 1)you probably wouldn’t care about and 2)I don’t feel like retelling, but let us just say that I, Lauren, for what is probably the first time in my life, hate school. Once you pick your jaws up off the floor, we can continue.

Now, if that last part didn’t make sense I should state that I love school. I have always loved school, ever since I was little. I may have hated the people *in* my school, but I still loved school. Yes, yes it can be annoying at times and no I didn’t want to wake up so early every day, but overall, in general if you will, I love school. I love it so much I am going to be in school for the rest of my life. Granted, I will be the one with the answers (in like, a year! wow!) but I will always have a summer and thanksgiving and spring break until I retire. And I am okay with that, obviously, since I chose that as my career.

But over the past two days things have happened that have made me, at least temporarily, hate school. And I will share one of these things with you because you just won’t even believe it. Okay, you might, but it is insane. So my university uses this online system called Sakai, which is your basic blackboard or whatever the equivalent to that is at your school. For those of you who don’t know what Sakai or blackboard is, basically it is this online thing, through the university, that lists your classes, and your grades and professors can post announcements, etc. Well a lot of my professors have us submit our papers and such on Sakai because our university is paperless this semester. (Which is nice I suppose, yay going green! Except that it is a bother sometimes.) Anyway, my psychology of education and adolescent development class took a vote, and we had our midterm online. Now I like this, don’t get me wrong, because we were able to use our notes which proved very helpful in getting me a good grade. But here is the thing.

Okay. My midterm for that class is made of two parts. Part one- 11 multiple choice questions and one short essay worth 9 points. Part two- a very long paper. Both of these parts were due on MONDAY at 11:55pm. So I do the questions and the short essay and submit it on SUNDAY at 11:30am. Okay, everyone with me? Everyone see that I submitted it super early? Okay. When I went to submit part one the page refreshed, all on its own. So I went back to the test and quizzes section, saw that it had not submitted, went back to it, and redid all my answers and copy/pasted my essay. Then I clicked submit and got the confirmation email.

When you submit a multiple choice test, the computer automatically grades it. HOWEVER, I figured that she (that is, my professor) would have to grade it herself because of the essay. So naturally I didn’t panic when I saw my grade was 0/20. I did my thing, spent four and a half hours on the freaking paper (insanity) and submitted that on time. No problem, no worries.

Except I went back to check my grade because some of the other people in my class had gotten their grades, so I was curious. I saw that my exam was available for me to look at. (It only becomes available with the corrected answers when your professor is done grading it, which meant she graded my essay.)

It was still 0/20. “That is odd.” I thought to myself. So I clicked on my exam.


“What the [explicative]?”


So I emailed my professor asking if she received my exam blank, or if Sakai was screwing with me (though I didn’t use those *exact* words). She said she received it blank. Now, here is my thought. You are a professor. You have set your due date for MONDAY at 11:55 PM. You have a student submit his/her exam on SUNDAY at 11:30 AM, way, way, way before the due date. And it is blank. Does that not raise any flags? I mean, if I wasn’t going to put time and effort into the exam, or do it at all, I wouldn’t have taken the time to submit a blank exam.

Well, I was FREAKING OUT. I mean this midterm was like… 15% of my grade? Something like that, so I called and made an appointment with her for the following morning. She emailed me and said we would talk about it in the meeting and I should be prepared to take a re-test IF NECESSARY. As in, I don’t know if I quite believe you.


So I get to her office and she is all “how are you Lauren?” and I am all, “Oh I’ve been better!” And then apparently my situation got her thinking because this happened to three other students.


So she let me retake the SAME! exam and since I was smart and brought a printed copy of my essay, I didn’t have to rewrite it. Yay!

And that, my dear readers, is just a tiny slice of why I haven’t been blogging lately. I miss you Internet, and I will return full force very soon.


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  1. radiantjewel

    And that my dear sister (and mother and father, since you both read this) is why I HATE SCHOOL AND THE SCHOOL SYSTEM AND TEACHERS AND PAPERS ETC ETC ETC ETC…………….. D:<

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