This is an email I received today from my British Lit professor JAMES DEAN. Now, he may be a terrible grader, and unclear on his assignments, but this email shows the very reason I love this man. The way he phrases things makes class time, and life in general, so very interesting. (All bold has been added by me for extra emphasis.)

Dear Brit Lit I class,

It has come to my attention that some of you were sold the 
wrong book for the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries.  
The error occurred at Lieberman's book store.  The book is 
labeled for 205 classes, but it is a text for the 206 class!  
It contains Wordsworth and the Romantic poets, for example.

If you were victimized in this way, please proceed back to 
Lieberman's at your earliest convenience, explain the situation, 
and demand that they get you the correct text right away.  The 
Vol. B, 8th ed.: The Sixteenth Century and the Early Seventeenth 

Let me know of any other or further difficulties.


Jim Dean

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One response to “Victimized.

  1. radiantjewel

    When you said grader I read it as gardner. I was like, who cares? And…I love people like this.

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