Let’s call this one… Exciting.

For my Psychology of Education class I have to have 18 hours “in the field.” This is just another way of saying I have to go to a high school conveniently located in the next state over (even if it is just 20 min away… next state over sounds more dramatic) and observe a teacher. I have to continue to go back until I have a recorded 18 hours of field experience. I’ve done this before so I (kind of) knew what to expect. I mean, the teacher I had before had recently been in the ARMY and now he was teaching 6-8th graders. Let’s just say the man knew how to yell. I should also tell you this is the same man whose best piece of advice for a new teacher was, and I’m not even kidding these words were straight from his mouth, “Don’t date the parent of one of your students. Or a colleague. Don’t date someone you work with.” Words of wisdom, words. of. wisdom.

So yeah, I was pretty anxious to see who I was paired up with. I was put in an English classroom so I knew I was on the right track. (Last time I was put in a history class while the history major was put in an English class and they wouldn’t let us switch.) My teacher is freaking awesome. I won’t mention her real name, so let’s call her… Mrs. Adams. And I have been emailing her back and forth and figuring out a time to meet up with her and she seemed nice. Well I met her Tuesday and she is exceptionally nice. I have come to realize that she is my teaching twin; very similar to the kind of teacher I want to be. Is is crazy, fun, sarcastic at times, jokes with the kids but still hold’s their respect and she really makes learning fun.

When I first got into the classroom the kids weren’t there yet, she was just showing me around the school and her classroom. She stepped out to make some copies before all the kids came in, and I took a moment to take a few pictures of her classroom to show you how AWESOME she is.

First, she has LITERARY ACTION FIGURES. Snape, Shakespeare (with removable quill and book!) and Jane Austin:

Action figures!

Next she has a poster of STEPHEN COLBERT:


And the last (and the absolute best) thing I took a picture of was…. A BOBBLE HEAD SHAKESPEARE:

Billy Shakes

Yes, I know. I could hardly believe it myself. So the class filed in and she introduced me and they looked a little disappointed because I think they all thought I was some sort of special guest coming into class to talk to them about something, but when they found out they would still be doing all of their original work and stuff they got sad. Oh well! The first class I am observing is 10th Grade Honors and they are pretty much your typical honors students except ohmygosh they are SO TINY!!! I couldn’t believe they were 10th graders! And let us just discuss a select few of these kids for a moment. First I should say I don’t think there is any sort of dress code other than you must be wearing clothes and if you wear a skirt it has to reach the bottom of your fingertips. That is it. No more rules. So there is this one girl with (I’m not going to lie) kind of a bad perm (I can’t tell if it is naturally frizzy or just a bad perm) and her whole head is HOT HOT PINK. But that isn’t even the oddest thing about her okay… So she has no eyebrows. Completely shaved them off. Instead of normal eyebrows she has some sort of (semi?)permanent tattoo of a design above both her eyes. It threw me for a second. Then, then we have this kid who I don’t know his name yet, but that is okay because I prefer to call him Van Halen. He looks like he could walk onstage during a Van Halen concert and just fit right in, no problems, no questions asked.

On Tuesday they worked in groups dissecting a poem and whatnot then presented in front of the class. Pretty basic stuff. I go in the mornings from 7:30 to 9:05 than race (but not speed mom!) back to campus for my 9:30 class. Then I go back to the high school from 12:50 to 2:30ish and then race back to campus for my 3:30 French (ugh) class. I will be doing this every Tuesday and Thursday for like… the next 18 hours of observation time. HA.

The second group of kids I observe are actually in an inclusion class. What this means is they all have some form of a disability anywhere from ADD to Autism to CP to anything really. Because there are more than five of these kids in this class the state requires a specialized teacher to work with Mrs. Adams and help out around the class because they can be a little unruly at times. I have to say these are the most hilarious kids ever, but you can’t really laugh at what they say because they are being disruptive. But you just can’t help it! Looking at the class you would not be able to tell any of them suffered from any type of disability. There is really only one kid in particular that I can tell, and that is from the way he talks. They all, for the most part, get along quite well however Tuesday was a “good day” meaning a lot of the kids have emotional and behavioral disorders and can be really mean or have attitudes a lot. They were all quite well behaved for the most part, though I was told that three of the absent students were absent due to suspending, and they will probably be back today. As they are the most troublesome of the group I’m quite interested to see how today will play out.

So that is just a basic overview of what a large majority of my posts will be about in the near future. I already have a few funny stories of things said in class and things that they have done, but this post is already way too long, so I will save them for another time!

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