To life, to life, l’chaim

I follow quite a few blogs (not all of which are listed over on the right side of this page, although those are the ones I visit frequently) and sometimes I randomly choose a post in which I read a large majority of the comments. I do not do this with every post because, quite frankly, I do not care what 97.3% of those comments have to say. However if the post is something I care about (like this one) I skim through to see what people have to say on the subject. Today I was reading a particular post from a very, very creative blogger whom I absolutely adore (Color Me Katie) and in this post she asked her readers to comments the answers to these questions: 1) The first thing to make you smile today, 2) Your favorite thing to do, 3) Favorite Memory, and 4) Where you want to be right now. Seeing as these are questions that will produce a wide variety of answers I decided to read the comments. The fifth comment started off like this: “The first thing to make you smile today: The fact that I woke up. I’m not terminally ill or anything, but I still appreciate life. :]”

And that got me thinking. I may have health issues but I am not terminally ill. When I wake up I automatically think about what I have to do on that particular day, what I am going to wear, should I make my bed (which I usually do) or what book should I start reading today. And this person who posted this comment maybe sat there in front of his computer, sitting for a few minutes until the perfect answer came to him, I don’t know. But this is a pretty attention grabbing answer if you ask me. How many times do you wake up and say “Holy cow. I am alive today.” Embarrassingly enough, I rarely think this. I’m not going to say never, because yes, sometimes I do think that as my first thought. But when you go to bed at night you automatically assume you are going to wake up the next day. So you pick out your clothes and you get your school books (or work stuff) in order and you go to bed with thoughts and visions of the future. But some people never wake up to greet the sun. I try not to stuff religious ideas and things into my posts because honestly, I don’t want to be one of those preachy-type bloggers. Yes, I am a born again Christian. Yes I pray and read the Bible (though, not as often as I should). I am not perfect. But God has once again given me the gift of life and all I can do is sit at my desk and complain that I can’t pronounce the French word for car. (It really is an annoying word.) So often in life we get so busy with work or friends or relationships that we don’t notice any of the little details around us. Like the alarm going off, or the bus getting to the stop on time, or very little morning traffic that allows you to get a nice cup of coffee before your morning meeting.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we should take time every morning to greet the sun and be thankful for another day of life, then go out and live it to the fullest.


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