I’m so glad you were concerned enough about evil robots that you HAD to come back to see if it was true or not. Well let us continue with the story to find out…

It was so early when my mum woke me up to get ready to leave. But I got up and got ready and we got our behinds off of that ship! It was an exciting trip home. One that was only supposed to last for three hours ended up taking four or five! (Sound familiar Gilligan?) First there was traffic, which was ridiculous considering it was for roadwork. The kind of roadwork where there were all of these signs and things, and yet no actual roadwork going on. Then we took a wrong exit. Then we stopped for food, where crazily enough we ran into some people from the cruise that we met on the way to Cozumel! That was really fun.

Then we made it back to Birmingham, unloaded the cars and even though we were DEAD tired, we went and saw HARRY POTTER!!!! because we are hard core Harry Potter fans. EEEP! You can read my review of it HERE. After the movie we had a small dinner and then it was most definitely time for sleeps.

Be SURE to come back tomorrow for the finale of Lauren’s exciting week of travel! You WON’T want to miss it!!
Sadly, no pictures to show today, however you can read all about the first seven days of my vacation here.


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