If you are reading this, then that means you came back despite the lack of yesterday’s cliffhanger. Or you could have just stumbled upon this website and found yourself reading this and wondering just what the heck I am talking about with all this “lack of cliffhanger stuff.” FEAR NOT oh weary traveler of the Interweb, for I bring you great tidings of good blogs. If you click right HERE you can have the opportunity to read all about the last six days of my vacation at sea. Or you can continue reading this post and just sort of piece together my journey. Whatever you prefer.

So last night ended with me completely wiped out, falling asleep in no time. Today began with me not ever wanting to get out of bed. EVER. And I wasn’t planning on waking up for a while until the mention of BREAKFAST, which I normally don’t eat but today not only was I extremely tired, but I was extremely hungry for PANCAKES, nectar of the breakfast Gods. So off we (my mum, sister, and I) went to The Seven Seas dining room, without a stitch of makeup, straight out of bed. Gross, I know.

Once we got there we were seated with two other girls who were very nice! Our waiter flirted with my grandmother (danced with her, kissed her on the cheek, cut up her meal and fed her a few bites… you know, real hard core stuff). After breakfast I baked in the sun and got quite burnt. I put on suntan lotion on my shoulders, I think it was like 400 SPF, and they STILL got burnt to a crisp.  That was all that burned actually. Just my shoulders. So weird.

After that fun it was time for lunch! I got the most amazing sandwich- absolutely divine. Then came time for another RIVITING game of BINGO, and let me just go ahead and say I have some of the worst luck. It was seven game progressive BINGO where you keep the same card and each game goes up ten dollars. We are sitting at 140 or so dollars and I am one away from BINGO. Well when you are one away from BINGO you are supposed to stand up, so I did. Rick the BINGO guy was all “Oh I see you standin up young lady. Just what do you need to get BINGO?” To which I replied G58. Not so hard right? Well he called G56, he called G59 he called G57 and every number EXCEPT G58. And another person got BINGO. This little predicament happened TWICE! Can you even believe it?!??!? I am still so sad.

Then it was time for The Liars Club, which consisted of a panel of three people who worked on the cruise and three members of the audience. TORY, our cruise director, was the “announcer” type lady who mediated between the panels. What happens is TORY would say a word, and the cruise panel would each give a unique definition of what they believed it meant. Then the audience panel would say whom they agree with, and the correct person would stand up. This was similar to the game show To Tell the Truth, or two lies and a truth. I must say that this was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The cruise panel consisted of a European named Laura, a southern guy from Alabama named Rick, and a real dry humored, sarcastic gal named Rachel. Laura started each definition off with a different country in Eruope that the word originated in, Rick would start it off with a different wife (my first wife, my third wife, when my fifth wife left me…) and Rachel would begin every definition with “Well, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m from Portland Oregon…”

The game lasted for about thirty minutes and after every definition three different audience members were called up. I really loved this game, it was probably one of my favorite “on the ship” things we did. After The Liars Club came an animal towel folding class where we learned how to make two of the animals that were on our bed every night. We made a dog and an elephant, and the results were very interesting.

After towel folding came packing to go home and getting ready for dinner. Dinner was great- I had the most AMAZING salmon of my LIFE. Seriously, I could have eaten nine million plates of that stuff.

After dinner we didn’t really do much. Finished packing and I read a little, but now it is time for sleeps! See you tomorrow bright and early to disembark the ship!!

What happened after this? Did Lauren and her family make it back safely? Did they even make it off the ship? DID AN EVIL ROBOT TAKE OVER HER COMPUTER AND TYPE UP THIS BLOG? I suppose you will just have to return tomorrow to find out!

These are supposed to be dogs.

These are supposed to be dogs.

These are supposed to be elephants.

These are supposed to be elephants.

Martini bus!!

Martini bus!!

Laying out! ALMOST FELL OFF THE BOAT. Not really though.

Laying out! ALMOST FELL OFF THE BOAT. Not really though.

My cousin doesn't look too happy with life.

My cousin doesn't look too happy with life.

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  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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