And now we join Lauren for the continuation of her journey:

After dinner last night my brother, sister, and I sort of hit a wall. My mum and I were planning on playing BINGO then join my brother and sister to see the comedian. Well after a wonderful dinner we realized just how tired we actually were. Getting up at 5am and no nap will do that to you. We all went to sleeps anticipating DAY FOUR!

Today we woke up and I had a lovely breakfast with my dad, mum, and uncle. Then I went back to my brother’s STATEROOM and spent the next ten minutes getting him out of bed and convincing him to go lay out in the sunny sunshine with me. FINALLY he gave in to my constant begging and away we went. It was rather warm but very nice. About two hours later we met up with the cousins and grandmother to play an exciting game of “movie quote trivia.” At the end of the game there was a four-way tie between my sister, two random ladies, and myself. One random lady got eliminated and it was down to the three of us. Now these last four questions were NOT movie quotes, but rather very, very RANDOM movie facts about movies that happened to be made before 1995. I don’t even really remember what they were but all in all I lost. My sister and I tied for second place. But the good news is that I got The Goonies quote correct even though I have never actually seen the movie.

After that my mum, sister and I went to the “marriage game” where we ran into my dad and grandfather. This game was absolutely hysterical! They took a couple married for 50 years, 10 years, and newlyweds. They were seated back to back and asked a series of ten questions. At the end of the game they read out the answers to see if they matched up. Out of the three couples the oldest were the funniest. The host just “HAPPENED” to forget to keep score and all couples won champagne and a trophy. Woot!

After the game my mum, sister and I finally played our RIVETING ROUND of BINGO. We lost (I was two spaces away) when we played Bingo, but my sister did win a French Bottle of Champagne during a raffle! We were very excited for her!!

After Bingo we walked around the ship and got the special drink of the day- a GOOMBAY SMASH. But now it is time for dinner, where we are celebrating my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary!

Lauren has no idea what is in store after dinner, but do be sure to check in tomorrow for the NEW and EXCITING details of her life at sea.

Sara and her bottle of champagne!

Sara and her bottle of champagne!

The random chess set found whilst walking around.

The random chess set found whilst walking around.

The pool area.

The pool area.

Read about day one here, day two here, and day three here!

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