When we last left our dearest traveler she was off to play a riveting game followed by an early nights rest. Here is how her story played out:

Let’s see…. When I last left you I was about halfway through the day. We did end up playing a thrilling game of HPSI, which my cousin Mary won. I came in DEAD last because I always rolled the “play all” thing, which means anyone can answer my question and take my points. Needless to say, Mary kicked some a-double-s and stole pretty much every question from me. The kid is only 11. ELEVEN! And I got completely knocked into the ground by her! But I am a fairly decent sport so I let it slide.

Day three started off EARLY. We woke up around 5:30 to make sure we left by 6:30. Apparently when we woke up the heavens decided to wake up and it POURED and POURED and POURED rain. Terrible amounts of rain. Like you wouldn’t even believe. But we left on time and that is all that is important.

We got to my grandparents house around 8:40 and the rain had not even begun to lighten up. We went inside and I got the grand tour of their new house, which is unbelievable. My grandmother’s bathroom is OUTRAGEOUS! I will try to take a picture of it to post here. This is the kind of bathroom I have only dreamed about! Full vanity with three huge mirrors on each side (one to left, one to right, one in middle) and she has a cute chair and everything. Across from that is a gorgeous bathtub that is just (for lack of a better term) amazing.

Once we left the house we traveled to Mobile Alabama where the ship was setting sail. We FINALLY found the place, but not after stopping for some fast food, which is always an experience with my family. They are very upscale and such, you know- lunch at the country club with friends types, not really the “mac-donalds” (as she calls it) type. But we ate there anyways. About an hour or so (three total) we were there! We got our luggage, got through security, got through “customs” or rather, what they claimed was customs… I mean, the airport we flew in through had rougher security than this place. We checked in, went to our rooms, got a light snack, walked around the ship (my sister and I sort of happened upon this tour in progress with this insane tour guide named Rick. He was awesome and welcomed us with open arms) after which we all headed to the MANDATORY LIFE BOAT MEETING. They are really serious about this thing let me tell you. On the last cruise I went on it was very laid back and casual. The captain of the ship announced the life preserver meeting and we should be making our way there as soon as possible. On this cruise a LOUD lady (our amazing cruise director TORY) announced that we needed to be in our DESIGNATED area NOW because this was a MANDATORY LIFE BOAT MEETING. Luckily, my entire family made it there safely, so in the event of an emergency, I am pretty sure we would make it out alive.

After that my mum and I entered our name into the SPA giveaway. Considering the fact that we never win ANYTHING EVER, we were pretty sure we were not going to get a single thing. Sadly, we were right. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. But we left with joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces because we did happen to get drinks. They never carded me, so my mum bought me this drink in a pretty little pink Carnival Cruise ship Cup. I believe the contents were vodka, rum, some sort of fruit brandy, and some sort of fruit punch. All I can say is that it was verrrry niiiice.

We then headed back to the STATEROOM (so official, I KNOW) where I began to type away on DAY THREE. In a little while it will be dinnertime so now I am going to get all nice and rested up for a RIVETING ROUND of BINGO at 10pm. Mama needs to get lucky. And winning that RIVETING ROUND of BINGO would be nice too.

Join us tomorrow to find out just how lucky Lauren got…

Driving to the ship!

Driving to the ship in the insane rain!


Stopping for some food!

Finally we saw the ship!

Finally we saw the ship!

Waiting to get on the ship.

Waiting to get on the ship.

Still waiting!

Still waiting!

Finally in our stateroom! James is playing with the ladders.

Finally in our stateroom! James is playing with the ladders.

Read about day one here, and day two here!


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  1. It bothers me that Mobile Alabama is always in the same place.

  2. improbablefiction

    Oh Cal. Always with the jokes, you are.

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