When we last left off, Lauren was falling asleep without a stuffed animal. The horrors! And now for the continuation:

I finally was able to fall asleep, if only for a little while. Here in Alabama the time is an hour behind the rest of the world (or at least Delaware) so my internal clock is always messed up. We eat way later (more than just an hour behind) wake up later, go to bed later, etc. So these things always confuse me, which is why I tend to just go with the flow.

Day two was pretty uneventful. We woke up, got ready for the day, and had a huge lunch with some of their neighbors. This couple was ancient, but then I found out how old her mum was (still kickin it across the street) and you wouldn’t believe me. Okay, you might, so I will just tell you. 101 years old. Can you even begin to believe that? I didn’t think so.

Now you are pretty much caught up on my day. I think we are going to go for a THRILLING round of Harry Potter Scene It, because we are a Harry Potter lovin family. Bad news bears though, we have to get up in the morning at 5am(!) to be in Montgomery by 8am to pick up my grandparents to be in Mobile by 1pm to board the ship.
Fun times will be had by all and you can read alllllll about it here FIRST!

So Internet, will Lauren wake up in time? Will they make it to Montgomery by 8am to pick up her grandparents to make it to Mobile by 1pm to board the ship? But more importantly- who won Harry Potter Scene It? Stay tuned!

Sadly no picutres for today. But you can read all about DAY ONE of my vacation here or just, you know, scroll down.


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