A long, long time ago (last week) Lauren of Improbable Fiction went on a cruise with her family. This is the (as promised) detailed list of her travels. This is day one.

We arrived at the airport fairly early but that is okay because I do love to people watch and there were definitely some interesting people in the Baltimore airport. Finally we got on the plane and had a fairly nice flight for the next two hours (according to one pilot; one hour and 50 minutes according to the other. Side note: do you ever listed to the pilots talk? They just sort of ramble until they forget what they were talking about and then just begin to repeat themselves. It is really interesting.) I say it was a fairly nice flight because it was a bit bumpy and once we sort of dropped down a little and it felt as though I was on a roller coaster. Other than that, the flight was fine. I sat next to my brother who hasn’t flown since he was five or six. Add to the mixture that he is terrified of heights, and you can imagine how scared he was (though he was DETERMINED not to show it). All in all he did great.

The man on the other side of me apparently thought that he owned his seat and half of mine as well. He took up the arm rest and a lot of my personal space, which I didn’t have much to begin with as the airplanes they make these days are significantly smaller than they used to be.

Finally we landed in Birmingham, Alabama and suddenly, as if by magic, my southern accent appeared out of nowhere. We were in Baltimore and I was normal and then the flight attendant announced we were in Alabama and *BAM* I am suddenly a Southern Belle. We then made our way to baggage claim where we got our luggage in RECORD time (five or six minutes!!) and met up with my uncle. Now I saw my aunt in May for my brother’s graduation, but I haven’t seen my uncle and cousins in almost six or seven years. My cousins are SO TALL! AND GROWN UP! The younger of the two is still extremely shy, but she has really come out of her shell. My other cousin is tall and extremely naturally thin. So naturally I hate her. JUST KIDDING Internet.

We got to the house after an interesting ride- there are five people in my family plus my uncle makes six. There are six seats in the van. They had to take out a seat so they could fit our luggage in the van. Now if you have been keeping up with the math, this means we are short a seat. So what happened? I had to sit on the floor of the van, wedged between my brother and suitcases. Fun, yes? No. And it wasn’t that I was upset because I had to sit on the floor, or next to my brother, or next to suitcases. I didn’t like sitting on the floor because I couldn’t see a SINGLE thing out of the window of the van and often my uncle would point to things outside and say “Here is our business, here is such and there is blah blah.” It was sad.

But then we made it to their house and I saw my cousins and by then it was time to fix dinner, which was a CARB FEST but an AMAZING CARB FEST. We sat around the table catching up, talking about interesting times we have spent with my grandparents in Montgomery, which led to this gem of a conversation:

Cousin #1: “We showed grandma Lelo and Stitch and she didn’t like it.”

Cousin #2: “Yeah, we showed her Wall- E and she didn’t like it. She couldn’t even pronounce his name right! She kept saying ‘Oh, what’s his name? Wally?’ And I would tell her, no it is WALL-E!”

Me: “When Willy Wonka was in the theaters we took her to see it- she didn’t care for it.”

Brother: “Yea, she got really dizzy during the squirrel song because of the striped floor that looked like it was spinning.”

Cousin #1: “What else did we show her that she really didn’t like?”

Cousin #2: “Our dance recitals…”

After we ate dinner we watched my cousins do a tiny part of their dance recital. Well, really it consisted of my one cousin going en pointe (yes, I am EXTREMELY jealous) and my other cousin CLOGGING. Yes, my cousin clogs. And she doesn’t just clog, she AMAZINGLY clogs! I couldn’t even believe it. Later we watched Nacho Libre; well, I only watched half or so before I passed out. I was extremely tired and I think it was due to the fact that I took a Dramamine before I got on the plane, but it didn’t really kick in until AFTER we were off of the plane, so good job there, Dramamine. But going to sleep was horrible because I didn’t bring my normal stuffed animal that I usually sleep with because 1) I had no room and 2) I didn’t want to lose it or forget it or whatever because 3) I am very paranoid about that. So after I got into the bed I could not fall asleep. Isn’t that strange? I just get so used to having my stuffed animal that I can’t get to sleep without it.

What happened that night? Was Lauren finally able to fall asleep? Did she survive the night? WHAT HAPPENED ON DAY TWO?!?! Stay tuned…


My brother in the airport

A view from the floor of the van!

A view from the floor of the van!

My cousin on Pointe

My cousin en pointe

My cousin showing off her amazing clogging skills!

My cousin showing off her amazing clogging skills!

Our totally fun beds minus one amazing stuffed animal.

Our totally fun beds minus one amazing stuffed animal.



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4 responses to “CRUISE VACATION: DAY ONE

  1. How exactly was it determined that the girl should sit on the floor of the van, JAMES?

  2. improbablefiction

    In the immortal words of Seth Cohen, “chivalry is dead sugar.”

    But really, I am much shorter than James and the sitting on the floor required one to scrunch up. I don’t think there was any way he could have fit in the tiny space and if he could, he would have been miserable.

    But it is still a lovely thought.

  3. Kiersten

    Owl bag!!! I was there when that was obtained *small tear* i miss you guys

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