So my birthday isn’t for a few days but seeing as we are going on a cruise my wonderful mother told me I wasn’t allowed to take them aboard the ship, so she decided to give me my gifts early. Here is gift numba ONE:



This (obviously) is the Harry Potter book set, full of sekrits. Before owning this I had the first, fourth, sixth, and seventh book (don’t ask, it’s very weird, I KNOW). So my mother got this for me and I am so, so, so very happy. Unfortunately my invitation for Hogwarts was NOT included, but I’m still waiting patiently.

And now (drumroll starts here) here comes gift numba TWO, a gift SO awesome and SO beautiful it calls for an EXTRA large picture (drumroll abruptly stops and that “ta-da” music plays):


Isn’t it beautiful!!!! I absolutely love Sapphires and have been wanting a Sapphire ring for a while. I mean, I have one now but that will be passed down to my daughter, so I wanted one I can have for keeps.

I absoultely love my gifts! Woot!


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