Recipe Time with Lauren!

And now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages of the Interweb, Lauren shall share an amazing recipe with all of you! Right now!

Please, please. Hold your applause. I come to you today not out of necessity of a blog update, but out of the sheer goodness of my heart. You will thank me for this. But first- a story.

A long time ago I was in college in a tiny state I like to call Florida. At this college they had a cafe on campus where you could go and create your own sandwich, or, if you were feeling uncreative, try the weekly special. I went to this cafe a lot because these sandwiches were unlike any I had tried before. They were so good! So fresh! I believe I chose between the same two sandwiches every single time I went, which led me to a predicament. One day I got up to the counter and realized I did not want my normal sandwich. I didn’t even want the backup sandwich choice (for when I grew tired of my normal one). Shocking, I KNOW.

Being friends the cook (he was a jolly giant, a kindred soul, who often gave me lots of extra things on my sandwich and wouldn’t charge me for them… yes, we were close) he recommended the weekly special- a Reuben! Well the only other time I had a Reuben! sandwich before was in NYC and Internet, I can’t tell a lie. I didn’t like it all that much. But I trusted my cook and told him to fire up the grill, mama wants a Reuben! (I think I might have actually used those words…)

He got busy making my sandwich and usually I don’t pay attention to what he is doing because he knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. I paid for my meal, sat down, and proceeded to consume what was possibly the best sandwich of my LIFE. It was like tiny little angels descended down from heaven where they did a little dance on my taste buds. But suddenly, not unlike Cinderella, I looked at the clock and realized I had to go! To class! Soon!! Instead of dropping a glass slipper, I left behind the knowledge of this wonderful recipe.

FEAR NOT! This story has a very happy ending. Not one to give up, I decided I would simply make my own Reuben! I mean, how hard could it be? Once I got all of the supplies, I stood hopeless in the kitchen. How, oh how did he make it! What went where at what time? I was consumed with grief.

But all was not lost. I did things MY WAY. I created a recipe and put what I wanted where I wanted when I WANTED (which turns out is how a lot of people make the sandwich). So I thought I would allow you to have the same opportunity I had. I want you to make this sandwich and fall madly in love with it. [Side note: my father loves this sandwich. I mean LOVES this sandwich. We have to limit him to two or else he could eat just about as many as I could make. For that, I love him.]

Maybe you are thinking, “Silly Lauren! I have already had a marvelous Reuben! before! I do not need your silly recipe telling me what to do!” To which I politely say, “Pish posh.” Or perhaps you are scared to reach out and try a Reuben! again, having previously been harmed by the awfulness of them in the past. To that I say, “The past is the past! I got over my NYC incident! You can get over yours!”

So go! Go and conquer this recipe! And then leave me love in the comments remarking your angels dancing on taste buds experience!

You will need the following:


Rye bread

Corned Beef


Swiss cheese

Thousand Island dressing

A griddle (or something similar to cook it on- frying pan, skillet, whatever you desire)

The Gathering

Once you have all of these ingredients ready, it’s time to get cookin!

Phase One:

Melt a couple pieces of butter on the griddle (enough to coat it).

Take two pieces of rye bread and begin to cook them on the griddle. (You are aiming for them to be golden brown on both sides with a slight crispiness when finished.)

Take a chunk of the sauerkraut and corned beef and begin to cook on the griddle.

Step One

Don’t forget to turn over all three of these! The bread will finish first, and as stated before should be golden brown on both sides. The sauerkraut will also turn a nice golden color, while the meat will turn a dark read and get all scrunchy looking. (I know that description sounds disgusting, but it is far, far from it.) Now onto…

Phase Two:

Once the bread is done, place it on a plate and coat both pieces with the Thousand Island dressing.

Once the meat is finished, pile it all on one slice of the bread.

Step Two

The sauerkraut should still be cooking on the griddle, and by this point it should probably be done.

Before you take it off the griddle, lay a piece (or two if needed) of Swiss Cheese over the sauerkraut, completely covering it. Keep this on the griddle until the cheese begins to melt.

Step Two Point Five

Don’t worry, we are almost finished, which can only mean…

Phase Three:

Take the Swiss cheese coated sauerkraut off of the griddle and place it onto the lovely sandwhich.

(Pssst- it should look something like the picture below!)

Phase Three!

And now it is time that you admired your work by stuffing your face with the sheer AWESOMENESS that can only come from this sandwich.

I hope you enjoeyed Recipe Time with Lauren. Please let me know if you made the sandwich and what you thought!


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