Internet! I am full of ANNOUNCEMENTS today!

First, I missed you, but I (think) I passed all of my exams. HUZZAH!

Second, I am joining up with CAL and his blog to talk about the female perspective of movies, music, TV, books, etc. In other words, I will be the voice of TRUTH. Check out his regular blog here. Check out my part here. BUT don’t worry, I will continue to update this blog with all of the witty, hilarious stories you are used to. It will just serve as an extra dose of Improbable Fiction, and WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT??

Third, on Cal’s blog he mentioned that he is two months away from the first year anniversary of his blog. This got me thinking about when I started my blog. So I go and look… and Internet, IT HAS ALREADY PASSED!!! While I was busy blogging every day in April it passed right by, unseen, unnoticed, and most importantly, uncelebrated. So I am declaring that at some point in the very, very near future I will give this blog the PROPER celebration it deserves.

Fourth, I moved out of my dorm (finally). It was a sad day for all… okay I can’t even continue with that lie. I mean it was kind of sad because I don’t particularly mind living in the dorms. They are quite convenient when you are running LATE for class, though that never happened to me, no not even once this semester. This is about the extent of what I my father had to move out of the dorms. I did what I do best- supervise.

movin on out

I had a tad bit more- just two suitcases filled with clothes and then there was a fan and stuff. But we got it done in record time! Then we went to my sister’s apartment, helped hang some stuff on the wallz and came home for what was the start of my SUMMER VACATION.

Oh Summer Vacation. I really, really, really do love you.


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2 responses to “ANNOUNCEMENTS!

  1. I’m realizing just how bitter I am towards all college and high school students that actually get the entire summer off.

    Incredibly bitter.

  2. Father

    Caleb, freaking Cowboy Up, son. Quit whining and man up. Life is moving on, so step up and enjoy it. In other words – Carpe Diem!!!!!!!!!

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