Open the Gates and Seize the Day

So my Jewish American Lit professor doesn’t believe in grades. No, I’m actually serious. He says if it were up to him, we wouldn’t get final grades; in fact, the only grade he would give out is a F and even then, the paper has to be pretty bad. So this entire semester he has not passed out a single grade yet, well as far as I know no one has yet received a F on any paper. But now I don’t know what my final grade is going to be. Supposedly no one in the class will get below a B (his words, not mine) so I am trying to go back over my papers and read the first line of every overall comment he makes at the end of the papers.

paper one: “Good job”

paper two: “Excellent!” (and it was underlined, no less)

paper three: “Excellent!” (again, underlined)

paper four: “Very good”

paper five: “Very good!”

paper six: “You make a very strong argument Lauren!”

paper seven: “Very good”

paper eight: “Very good” (underlined)

midterm one: “Very good”

midterm two: “Very good analysis, Lauren”

final rough draft: “You have a very good topic”

BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I has no idea, and this saddens me. Usually I can tell how I am going to do in all of my classes, but this one- I haven’t a clue. I mean, obviously a B or an A but…. grrr. Also, this post is me procrastinating on studying for my French and linguistics finals. Ahhhh I can’t wait for next week to be over with! Then I will be DONE with finals and  DONE with this semster!! WOOT!!!!


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4 responses to “Open the Gates and Seize the Day

  1. Sounds like he may not actually read them, but rather simply chooses one of four comments to put at the bottom whilst claiming that he doesn’t believe in grades so that he can more easily “work” with minimal “working”. That is my theory.

    In your next paper put “If you’ve actually all read of this up to this point please underline this sentence” somewhere in the middle of the paper.

    I triple dog dare you.

  2. improbablefiction

    Well, that would be fun, but he makes comments throughout the paper, corrects grammar, etc. But at the bottom he makes an “overall” statement, so I’m positive he reads them.

  3. Ah, okay. In that case he probably does.

    I had a couple classes during college where I was certain there was NO way they read them at all.

  4. Whoa, I know how you feel. One of my classes I had NO idea what my grade was and it was freaking me out, even though I knew I was doing well. I just hate not knowing what is going on! In any case, you probably got an A, so no worries! Just be confident that you did well.

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