Workin On the Night Moves

Oh Internet, so sorry about the lack of posts recently. There were a few papers to be written, a few exams to be taken, Hannah Montana movies to be seen, you know how it is.

Yes, I saw the Hannah Montana movie and yes I loved every minute of it. This isn’t surprising though, because I have been watching the show since it first came on Disney. Yes, I am 21 and I still watch the Disney channel. But it is just so darn good! (Well, for the most part).

After the Hannah movie I was leaving the theater when I spotted one of those claw-type arcade games. Now normally those things are a rip-off but it was High School Musical 3 themed and they had these Easter egg type things in it with little key chains that had various members of the cast on them. So OF COURSE I had to play and wouldn’t you know it… I WON! The first time I got one, the second time I got two in one try (VERY exciting), and then I played again and again, and got six total little chain things. It was all very exciting.

Anywho, to sum up the movie- it was really good and made me laugh and laugh and laugh some more. I really love when people fall. It is a terrible thing to love, I know, but when people trip or whatever and fall- and yes, I am including myself in this- I can’t help but to laugh and laugh and laugh. It really is a horrible habit now that I think about it.

Once I was sitting in my chair in my dorm room, just minding my own business doing homework. Well these chairs rocked back and forth, so I was doing just that… innocently rocking back and forth, except I sort of went back farther than the chair normally goes and tipped backwards. The chair landed on my hand and all I could do was sit there, crying, not because of the pain but because of the laughter from falling. My hand was swollen twice the size it normally is, and stayed like that for two or so days, but all I could do was laugh.

In other news, it has been non-stop rain here for EVER, but I don’t mind because I love the rain. Plus! I got to wear my adorable new rain boots which was really exciting. I hope you are enjoying whatever weather is coming your way.



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5 responses to “Workin On the Night Moves

  1. Genevieve

    O.K. I want pictures!!! I know we took some!! Oh and I guess Hamlet died cause I haven’t heard anything in a week!!

  2. I AM THE BIGGEST DISNEY CHANNEL FAN EVER! Do you remember all the old school shows (bug juice, in a heartbeat, so weird, lizzie mcguire) maan those were the good ones. BUT I still love Hannah Montana and the movie was so good! I am such a proud Miley Cyrus fan and it makes me really happy that you saw the movie! Step 2….learn the hoedown throwdown!

  3. Hahaha, DAMMIT Lauren 2, you’ve temporarily confused the living piss out of me once again.

    All I was thinking the entire time was “That’s redundant…and why is she ignoring the Hamlet question?”

  4. improbablefiction

    Tammy- Hamlet died.

    Just kidding. He is FINE.

    Lauren- I ADORED Lizzie McGuire. And that “wind” sound that played every time Ethan showed up… loved it! Shows were so much better back then. Oh, and I am totally learning the hoedown throwdown!

    Cal- We live to confuse you. Well, at least I do.

  5. Genevieve

    I remember when you saw the Even Stevens movie!!! All I heard for months from you and Nona was LAND HOOOOOOOOOO!!! And something about Dingys that I still don’t get to this day. But it makes you two crack up!!!

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