BEDA 30: The End’s Not Near… It’s Here

Oh Internet! BEDA is OVER! It is done! As of midnight tonight there will be no more having a happy April, there will be no more seeing you tomorrow. Well, I mean *technically* I will see you tomorrow because I will more than likely post something, but as for BEDA, it is the end of tomorrow as we know it. It has been a busy month! We talked movies, celebs, you learned a fabulous recipe, you saw things on my desk, you met my CAT! How AWESOME was that? We applied to New Zealand together, got ACCEPTED together, bought a fish together… it is the ending of an era.

Jeepers that was depressing. But true nonetheless. So lets get onto more important matters- today’s post. What does it consist of you might ask? Oh, nothing of any consequence. Except for the SWINE FLU.

Yes, let us talk about that. Supposedly four kids on my campus felt sick and turns out they might have the dreaded disease. So they sent their blood and other important things most likely in test tubes to the CDC and it so happens that they have it!

“So what does this mean?” you may be asking yourself. Clearly it means that my entire campus got the green light to absolutely FREAK OUT and not show up to class because everyone suddenly and mysteriously feels sick. I love me some hypochondriacs.

The good news in all of this is that half (over half actually) of my linguistics class didn’t show up, so my lovely T.A. (whom I might add is INFINITELY better than my other gross T.A.) decided to cancel class 30 minutes early. This is great news because (in case this is your first time to my blog- in which case, welcome) I HATE linguistics with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. The bad news is I actually liked what we were doing in class today-Cockney Rhyming Slang.

Now, in case you don’t know what this is, I shall inform you. Say I owed you money and you are quite rude and DEMANDED it back. You would say something to the effect of “Lauren! Give me back the bees!” Now, if I did not speak this so called cockney rhyming slang, I would think you have gone crazy demanding honey. But you see, what you were really saying was “Lauren! Give me back my money!” Because in the world of Cockney Rhyming Slang “Bees and honey” = money.

Lets try again. Say I didn’t want you to sit in a particular chair. I would say, “Don’t sit on that Tony!” Tony Blair= chair.There really is no actual rhyme or reason (or maybe just reason… after all, it *is* rhyming slang) to it. “Apples and pears”= stairs, “billy goat”= coat, “Noah’s Ark”= park. The list goes on and on. Oh those mental Brits.

See how much FUN that was! Don’t you just love learning! I know I do! Now if you will excuse me, I have a terrible headache which means I have SWINE FLU. It may be too late for me, but you can still save yourself!

Have a happy rest of the year! I will more than likely, but don’t get your hopes up, see you tomorrow.



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4 responses to “BEDA 30: The End’s Not Near… It’s Here

  1. 1. Steve has actually used cockney rhyming slangs in our conversations
    2. a lot of times the british shows we watch have them in it and it makes me think of you

  2. improbablefiction

    Eep! Don’t you just LOVE them!!

    In class we were given a list of words and had to come up with our own, and I came up with the billy goat-coat one…
    then I found out via INTERNET that it is a real one!


  3. SWINE FLU! A lot of people didn’t show up to my Western culture class, not because of the flu, but because it was the last class before the final. People are starting to drop off like flies!

    Oh I am so very terrified now because I heard about swine flu bing in MD, DC, and now Delaware? Oh this is not looking good for VA! I really hope no one gets it in this area.

    I think the media is making it into such a huge issue, but I like how the CDC is handling it.

    Oh and cockney sounds interesting. I just know one phrase, “we’re going to be in barney!” Which I learned from Oceans Eleven….or one of the sequels. 😀 Barney Rubble = Trouble. haha so funny.

    I’m so sad BEDA is over, but kind happy because blogging every day is tiresome.

    Congrats on New Zealand. 🙂

  4. Genevieve

    As if that Cockney junk didn’t already give me a headache.. you had to remind me that it is now officially May!! The month that my baby boy graduates!!! Yea o.k…. not having this conversation!!

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