BEDA 29: It’s a Beautiful Morning…

Internet, I have the most EXCITING news! I got ACCEPTED to study abroad in NEW ZEALAND!!! I checked my email this morning, as I do every morning, and there it was. My acceptance email. I was so so so super excited!!! THEN I went to my French class and found I was thirsty. So I went to the vending machine to get a bottle of water. I put in my monies and got TWO bottles! Can you even imagine? A FREE bottle of water after finding out that I got ACCEPTED to NEW ZEALAND. Clearly you see the need for all caps.

Then I went to my lit class and my professor put in a DVD for us to watch. Imagine my surprise when MATT DAMON showed up! A mandatory movie with Matt!

And Hamlet is still alive! So that is quite nice.

I really don’t think life can get any better. I seriously can’t stop smiling. It’s ridiculous really…

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow for the LAST day of BEDA!


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3 responses to “BEDA 29: It’s a Beautiful Morning…

  1. Well, considering water is usually free anyway, I’d say you still overpaid.

    Let’s put a little cloud on this silver lining.

  2. Oh, but seriously, congratulations.

  3. improbablefiction

    Can you even believe they charge $1.40 per bottle here? INSANITY.

    And thanks!!!

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