BEDA 26: Wait a Minute Mr. Postman…

Oh Internet. I am a slave to homework. This past Friday night my roommate had some friends in our room and they all watched Pocahontas and I sat at my desk and worked on homework for TWO solid hours, no breaks, nothing. And I still didn’t finish half of it. So today my friend from NC left and I really did ATTEMPT to do my homework, but I found myself writing lesson plans instead. Because that is far more interesting than what I was reading. So now I am blogging because 1) I have to and 2) I’m avoiding homework. This is sad because RIGHT NOW my sister and her friend and my mother are all sitting in a theater seeing the Hannah Montana movie and I am NOT, and this makes me quite sad. I love Hannah Montana. I watched her show from the beginning, before all the fuss, before all the manic fangirls. Also, Hamlet is loving life.

If you could look like any celeb, who would you choose to look like, and why?

My mother would choose to look like Catherine Zeta Jones because she “is the most beautiful woman, and she can sing too!”


Good choice mother.

My friend Cal said Hugh Jackman because “it’s fu**ing Wolverine.”


Ah, sigh. Such a lovly choice.

My roommate said Kimberly Williams Paisley because “she is really pretty and tends to radiate happiness.”


A wise choice. And as an added bonus, you are MARRIED to BRAD Paisley.

My best friend Morgs said Jennifer Garner because “she looks like your average hometown tomboy turned hot cool mom thats kind of quirky.”


I love Jennifer, so great choice. And you will be married to Ben Affleck who is not only beautiful, but BEST FRIENDS with MATT DAMON. That is what we call a win-win-win.

Cal’s brother decided on Brad Pitt because he has the intent of “making a video to blackmail the real Brad Pitt, because he is loaded.”


Uh, very interesting choice!

My friend Jess said Kirsten Stewart because “Rob [Robert Pattinson for all you non-Twilighters] likes her!”


I’ll admit that Kirsten is very pretty, but I generally don’t care for her (at least acting wise). Or Rob. But you go Jess!

Cal’s friend Mike decided to go with Heath Ledger because “I like his smile and he can grow his hair long and make it look good. Plus, he’s the joker.”


That he is. A very nice choice Mike.

Cal’s friend Chris also decided on Brad Pitt because “he is probably the best looking one as far as I know.”


He’s not. But that’s okay.

And lastly there is me. I am going with Rachel Bilson because I have always thought she is so beautiful and classy looking.


Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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5 responses to “BEDA 26: Wait a Minute Mr. Postman…

  1. Wait, wait, was it LOOK like or BE? Because I assumed it was just look like.

    Your Jennifer Garner breakdown makes this a totally different question.

    Because if it’s “Be” I’m changing to Steven Spielberg.

  2. improbablefiction

    No look like. I just added that in the excitement of the moment.

  3. Genevieve

    Caleb.. Either way you have a good choice!

    And just for the record may I say( and yes this is just my own personal opinion)……

    BRAD PITT…VOMIT!!!!!!!Looks are just so so but personality..YUCK YUCK!! ( do you think I got my point across?)

    However I love Rachel Bilson!

  4. improbablefiction

    Oh Genevieve, you never fail to make me laugh.


    How do you NOT love Rachel Bilson?

  5. joni2

    i love jennifer garner you’r my best star

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