BEDA 25: And We All Float On, Alright…

Internet! Today is a treat because we have a special guest here at improbable studios. Her name is Lauren, which is similar to mine, and she is my friend all the way from NORTH CAROLINA. She suffered through high school with me, but she was smart and left before she had to graduate from there. So without further ado here is LAUREN!!!!!

im throwing english, grammar, puncation (for the most part) and caps. out the window. because well…because im lazy. so lets back up to yesterday shall we. yesterday i over slept. then drove 4 hours to leesburg, va to visit some friends go to a baby shower. eat some food. and ya know…just be generally awesome. then today. around 5pm i got back on the road and started a journey a tedious journey filled with parking lots for highways and obnoxious toll prices to visit with my dear friends the tidmores. and that brings us to the point of this blog. tolls. in northcarolina we dont have these. now i understand the reason for them. funding for road repairs and whatnot. but honestly 5 dollars just to get out of maryland then a few miles later 4 dollars to GET INTO delaware. the 2$ toll to get out of the tunnel in baltimore i didnt mind because frankly i dont want that tunnel to collapse while im in it.

point being made. i was not prepared for that amount of tolls and those high of prices. and it annoyed me.  now its dinner time.

Thanks Lauren!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.



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2 responses to “BEDA 25: And We All Float On, Alright…

  1. There are so many toll roads in VA. I know exactly how you feel, visiting my family in Loudoun is so annoying because of how many toll roads one has to go through. I’m pretty sure there are ways to by pass them, but I guess the easier roads are the ones you have to pay!

    I have friends with the same name as me, but they are not very close friends. I don’t mind though, 1 Ayan is enough! 😛

    I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting either, but one of our BEDA buddies has stopped writing BEDAs all together. Poo! I still read your BEDAs though, no worries. I’m just lazy in terms of commenting.

  2. Lauren

    i wrote this! yayy!

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