BEDA 19: And the Beat Goes On…

This post is mainly for my BEDA buddies to learn some random things about me! So here we go.

  • I have moved NINE times in my life. I was born in Florida, moved to Colorado, moved to Illinois, moved to Georgia, moved to North Carolina (in NC moved three times), moved to Florida for school, transferred schools and moved to Delaware with my family.
  • I am technically a junior in college, but I still have two years left. This is because I am an English Education major, and usually Education majors these days don’t get out in under five years.
  • I have a personal library full of over 300 books. I am constantly adding to it. Check it out here! (I should add that I have quite a few books that I have not entered in on that thing…whoops.)
  • I am also completing a book club challenge where I am attempting to read 50 books in one year. I usually blog about each book I have read, but lately school has been getting in the way of everything so while I have been reading, I haven’t been blogging. I am on book 14 right now (although I should be on or around 16). Anyone is welcome to do this with me, and you don’t have to make it 50 books- it can really be whatever you want!
  • I named my recently purchased fish Hamlet after my the title character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. That is my favorite Shakespeare play. I should also put my daily Hamlet update in here… He is doing well. I just remembered I need to feed him, though I don’t know why I bother. He doesn’t usually eat his food. We are working on it one day at a time Internet.
  • I am obsessed with Shakespeare, which most people find odd… I even have a bobble head of him that I purchased in his hometown! It is pretty AWESOME.
  • I love traveling and studying abroad. So far I have studied in France and England, and I am currently waiting to hear back if I got approved for New Zealand. 79 applicants, 30 open spots so as you can see, it is really competitive.
  • I love movies a lot. I have a very large collection which you can check out here, but I should also add that I need to update it as there are quite a few movies I haven’t added.
  • I am OBSESSED with Broadway. I have seen these shows: The Producers, Beauty and the Beast, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Chicago, The Lion King, Is He Dead? [all on Broadway]. Hairspray, Spamalot, Wicked [all on West End]. Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cats, Evita, Rent [all from the touring companies]. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Last Five Years, Urine Town [all student produced shows]. And some of those I have seen more than once. Wicked– 3 times. Phantom– 5 times. Joseph– 3 or 4 times, etc. I love them all.
  • I love Elvis. A lot.
  • I am taking French and while it is fun and interesting it comes with hours of homework that I should be working on now.

I hope everyone enjoyed those random facts! I’ll leave more another day when I can think of some… leave any questions for me in the comments!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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12 responses to “BEDA 19: And the Beat Goes On…

  1. I am trying to read 50 books this year as well! I am much much more behind then you are though, but I’m slowly getting caught up to where I should be. Hahaha..

    Phantom was the first Broadway show I ever saw
    (I was 12) and I FELL IN LOVE!<3

  2. There is an abundance of Laurens here.

    I feel like you’re agreeing with yourself.

  3. That’s a good point, Caleb. It is kind of like she’s agreeing with herself, but I think they’re actually different people.

  4. That’s impossible.

  5. improbablefiction

    Is it odd that as soon as I read “there is an abundance of Laurens here” I thought of An Abundance of Katherines?

    Anywho we are, in fact, different people.

  6. Genevieve

    That is so funny!! I thought the exact same thing! I really had a great time and I’m glad that it made so many people happy!!!

    And Caleb… your a nut!!!

  7. Hahaha I thought of An Abundance of Katherines too! Yay for all having lots of John Green in our lives.

    On here I’ll refer to myself as Lauren (the other Lauren) so Caleb doesn’t get confused 🙂

  8. improbablefiction

    Hahaha “other Lauren”- awesome.

    And Cal- you sound like Gollum.

  9. Zivlok

    Wow… lots of traveling, like to Shakespeare’s hometown! LUCKY! My favorite Shakespeare play is probably Othello. Though I do love me some Antony monologues…

    Here’s a question – what type of teacher are you planning to become? As in, what grade level, where, do you plan to beat your students with rulers, that sort of thing.

  10. improbablefiction

    I am hoping to teach 9-12 grade lit although I did a semester where I taught 6-8th graders critical thinking for about 2-3 hours every tuesday/thursday… from that experience alone I hope I teach older kids.

    As far as where.. I don’t really have a preference. I would like to remain up north right now. I like to be close to DC and NYC 😀

    Also I am in favor of the ruler beatings. But seeing as parents will find a reason to sue for pretty much any/everything these days, I’ll most likely bring the “DUNCE” hat back. It is well past time for that thing to come back into the classrooms.

  11. I am trying to read a lot of books, but I don’t know if I will get to 50 because I keep forgetting my books at people’s houses! lol

    Whoa, you’ve moved a lot and traveled a lot,that is very enviable. I’ve been in Virginia since I was three years old. I would love to do more traveling!

    I took a semester off French because my class was canceled, but now I feel I lost like a billion years of French knowledge. haha I should just take Arabic!

    What sort of movies do you typically watch?

    I love movies and want to be a screenwriter some day, even though its a BILLION times weirder than writing a regular ole novel.

    Do you also like creative writing or just love literature?

  12. improbablefiction

    I do like creative writing, but sometimes I get bored with my stories and forget about them. That is why this year I am planning on participating in NANOWRIMO, so I sort of HAVE to finish a story. But now I can’t think of anything to write about. Ha!

    I guess I like writing more academic papers and such rather than creative writing. Give me a book, a topic, and a page/word limit and I could write you a paper *like that*. For some reason those just come easier. I guess you could say I think more critically (in terms of what the author is trying to say, what certain things are supposed to mean, why an author would include things that don’t seem relevant, etc.) than I do creatively- literature wise.

    As far as movies- I like and watch pretty much everything. Insanely bloody (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, etc.) to insanely girly (PS. I Love You, The Notebook, etc.) to foreign (Amelie, Pans Labyrinth, etc.) to anime (My Neighbor Totoro, etc.) I don’t think I really have a specific type!

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