BEDA 15: Baby It’s Cold Outside

I can’t believe we have reached the halfway point of BEDA!!

Today consisted of going to French class, eating lunch, going to Jewish American Lit, spending two hours practicing French, spending one hour translating French and then answering questions about what I just translated, going to Walmart for an umbrella, going to dinner, coming home, finishing French homework, printing out notes for History class tomorrow, blogging, watching a movie, going to bed.

All of the sudden my days are getting more and more exhausting. I am hardly in my dorm room and when I am I am either doing homework, studying, or sleeping. But I only have five weeks of class left! So that is good. On the downside these weeks are packed with quite a few papers, tests, quizzes, assignments, etc. I’m not so thrilled about that.

I had this conversation in French class today and it still is making me laugh, so enjoy:

*the girl next to me opens a bag of crackers or something*

me: “Those smell delicious.”

her: “D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S”

me: “What?”

her: “That is how you spell delicious.”

…*it suddenly occurs to me*

me: “I said those SMELL delicious.”

her: “OH! I thought you said how do you SPELL delicious.”

me: “Hahaha, no…”

her: “I don’t just go around spelling random words.”

It was really amusing. Now I am off to finish some homework then watch a movie and go to bed!

Hamlet update: He is doing well. He is just loving his fish tank! When he is feeling social he swims around like a maniac. When he is feeling a bit anti-social he hides in the back behind the plant where no one can see him. This morning I woke up and he was staring at me. He knows his mommy!!!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.


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One response to “BEDA 15: Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Genevieve

    Oh my goodness!! If I had known that a fish would bring so much pleasure I would have gotten you one a long time ago!!

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