BEDA 11: You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.

So I was in need of something worth posting, but nothing was coming to mind. I then frantically asked my best friend Morgan if she would ask me some random questions so I could answer them. Her questions turned out to be insanely brilliant ones, so here is part 1 of things about me you may or may not want to know.

1.    If you could be any animal in the world, real or something you make up, what would you be and why?

Well the other day I had a similar question- if I could be any fish which would I be. Since mermaids were said to be okay for fish, I am going to assume they are okay for this question. So, in other words, I would still want to be a mermaid.

2.    Since you are the middle child of three have you ever considered what it would be like to be an only child? How do you think life would be different had you been an only child?

I think the first thing I think of as being an only child means getting the entire seat to myself when we go on family trips. Being the middle child I usually had to share the backseat of our van with my younger brother while my sister stretched out in the middle seat. Not always, but a large majority of the time.

I think my life would be drastically different. I think I would enjoy certain aspects of it (who wouldn’t) but I would really miss my brother and sister. As aggravating as it was sharing that van seat with my brother, we usually had loads of fun making forts and pretending to be all sorts of different things. I wouldn’t have anyone to watch Scrubs or That 70’s Show with. I wouldn’t have anyone to make movies with. I think I would be sad.

3.    What is one sport or sport activity you have always wanted to be involved in but have never gone through with?

No questions about this one. Softball. I wanted to play this sport so badly during high school. The only problem? I would be absolutely terrified of someone pitching the ball to me. A minor setback. When we played anything remotely similar in P.E. I was so scared when it was my turn to bat. Still, if I could do it all over again I would so play this sport.

4.    What would you do if the internet suddenly did not exist anymore?


No not really. I think I would be very upset, that is for sure. I mean, how else could I stay up on the latest Vlogbrothers videos or all the lovely blogs out there? It is a sad thing to think about. I also would fail French because all of my homework and assignments are turned in on line.

On the other hand, I think some time without the Internet would do me some good. Obviously after April because I have BEDA obligations, but at some point I think everyone needs to slowly step away and look at life without relying on the Internet. There was a point in this worlds existence where there was no Internet and everyone did just fine.

I would probably spend my days reading these things called books. I have many, many books on my bookshelves that I need to be reading. I would also continue watching movies and spending time outside and things to that nature.

5.    Imagine that you had billions of dollars to your name, you and your family lived a very comfortable life and you decided you could stand to lose some of those billions. What type(s) of charity(ies) would you give the money to and why would you choose them above the others?

I love this question. I would have to say I really want to give to schools and libraries. As a future teacher I am all about giving to make classrooms more equipped to increase a child’s education. I didn’t have a specific charity in mind, but then I remembered the Vlogbrothers Project for Awesome, and the charity This is a really cool charity in that you look at many different requests or projects, and you choose which one you want to support. Say you wanted to support a teacher who needs chapter books for her classroom. You choose that particular teacher and donate your money to that cause.

I really, really love this charity. As you probably know, teachers don’t make all that much money, and many teachers out there pour back their money and time (almost all their time) into gathering resources for their students. This is a great way where people can band together and help all those bright minds of the future.

So what do you think? Agree with me? What charity would you give to? Leave answers or questions in the comments below!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.



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3 responses to “BEDA 11: You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.

  1. Even if some horrible physical something or other got in the way of me having a second child (obviously assuming I had already a first), I would just adopt. Having siblings was just too awesome in the long run to make my kids miss out on.

    The correct answer for the animal question is Great White Shark. Or whale. Maybe dolphin. Basically, if you can’t be a human, I don’t see any reason to live on the land. But I also don’t like the idea of being eaten. And mermaids are totally gay.

  2. improbablefiction

    No, Cal, mermaids are *not* gay. What would be gay is if YOU wanted to be one.

    For me it is perfectly acceptable.

  3. Well, clearly that’s what I meant.

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