BEDA 9: The Night That the Lights Went Out In Georgia

Internet I waited until so late in the afternoon to talk to you because I wanted to report back on my linguistics midterm, which I received back today. Originally this is how I planned out the post (earlier this afternoon):

Internet, I officially know what it is like to fail a college exam. In all the three years I have been going to college I have never made below a C on any exam (this is, of course, excluding my American History II exams in which I made straight D’s). I have made all A’s on my Psychology exams (THAT is what happens when you study for SIX HOURS per exam- I’m not even slightly kidding). I have made all A’s in the majority of my English classes (only English class to get a B in was American Literature and that was because my professor was a d-bag). I have passed every single Education exam (and believe me, those are hard exams to pass). But I have officially failed at life by getting an F on my linguistics exam, which only means I am going to fail out of college and work at McDonald’s for the rest of my life. I mean, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s, it’s just…I had different goals for my life. Woe is me internet. Woe. Is. Me.

“But Lauren” you say, “what do you mean by ‘originally this is how I planned out the post (earlier this afternoon)’? Did something change?”

Why yes Internet. Something did change indeed. Mainly the fact that…


Yes, I did it! I can’t even begin to get my mind around it. My T.A. handed it back and it took all that was within me NOT to lean over to the girl in the next seat and say “Um, excuse me, you do not know me and I do not know you, but can you tell me if this grade right here means I PASSED?” Fortunately for her, I did not do this. I wanted to, but refrained.

And speaking of my T.A., I am so happy to inform you I got a new one! As in we have two T.A.s and one (lets call him John… the one we do not particularly care for) taught up until Spring Break and the other one (lets call her Jane, the one we adore) took over after Spring Break. She even did this thing where she sent us an email letting us know what to expect to do in class, and what we should be looking over and preparing for! And bonus! She is sending those out weekly! John the one we do not particularly care for did not do this. Ever. It was rather nice. So now I have decided that I hate linguistics a little less. Don’t get me wrong- I still think it is a pretty pointless class that will never fully win me over, but I no longer think about killing small animals and inflicting pain on small children every time I attend class. So we are making progress.

OH and let me tell you about how I was ALMOST KILLED today! I was just minding my own business when all of the sudden this gang was standing outside (on the right side) of Memorial Hall. There must have been at least ten or more of them just standing there with their Frisbee (yes, you read that correctly, FRISBEES) and they were throwing them at random people. Well, I just happened to have no option to get to class around them; I had to walk right by them and as I was going down the steps to get to my class a Frisbee flew over my head and landed very near the next spot I was going to step. Well I just kept on walking and ignored the hooligans.

But it was terrifying because I had what is sometimes referred to as a “war flashback” of the time I was standing in the empty cafeteria with three people from my class throwing around a plastic container lid as if it was just your every day Frisbee. Well one guy threw it with all of his might, with everything he had in him and it just so happened that my chest decided it was her job to stop the plastic container lid/wannabe Frisbee. And needless to say, it hurt really, really badly. So as I was walking down the steps, looking that the white Frisbee floating above my head, I ducked, winced, and prayed my chest did not feel the need to intervene once again.

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.

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