BEDA 7: We Both Have Shiny Happy Fits of Rage

Today I got my History of the Holocaust exam back and I passed! I did better than I thought. I then went to French where I got back that exam and I passed! Woot! I was nervous but I knew all the little mistakes made were going to be stupid ones- not adding accents to certain letters, and then of course the numbers. I epically fail with French numbers above 30. I then went to the class from hell (aka linguistics) where I learned that our exams would not be returned today, but rather in the discussion groups. This means I have to wait until Thursday to find out that I failed. I mean, seriously, I FAILED that thing. I just see no way possible I could have passed. It was baaad.

Today in Linguistics we watched a clip from Shrek 3 in which my professor quoted the entire thing out loud much to our amusement. Then we watched a clip from High Fidelity, which is an utterly awesome movie. Go watch it. ALSO my linguistics professor gets points for having EVE (from Wall-E) as the background of his computer.

I’m really in the mood for a S’mores, which is odd because I generally don’t like them unless they are in pop-tart form. In that case, I adore them. But I think a large part of my craving is due to the fact that I have a box of graham crackers sitting on my desk and on the back there is a picture of the most delicious looking S’more. I mean, those things typically look better on the back of the box then they do when you make them. Back of box S’mores are perfectly even, the marshmallow has the perfect amount of toastyness and you just want to go and make one. Then you do and the marshmallow is all sticky and the whole this is this gooey mess and I really hate getting food and stuff all over my fingers when I consume it so needless to say, S’mores are not the treats for me.

When my History of the Holocaust professor gets really passionate about something or when he gets really excited talking about something in class he begins to slightly stutter (more of a stammer I suppose) but it is so adorable. Today he literally could not say “above and beyond.” He kept saying “beove and abond” over and over and then had to stop, take a deep breath, and try again. Around the fifth or so time he finally got it. ALSO back story to my exam: my professor told us to study three to five main points in the notes in preparation for our essay. Well I did just that, but apparently I studied the wrong three to five main points. We were supposed to pick one out of four, but all of the essay questions related back to the same topic! Each question had a slight change compared to the others. So I chose the one that I could completely b.s. my way through enough to pass. It worked! But today when we got them back there were a few notes from my T.A. saying I wasn’t clear, or what was the significance of this, or what did this time period have to do with anything, but the one that caught my eye was this little gem: “Review the essay question- you have not addressed it adequately. Your argument is unclear, as is your chronology. Please come to office hours is you want to discuss how to craft an essay.” As soon as I read that I literally laughed out loud and I could not stop laughing. Seriously? I know the essay was complete crap- I admit it! I got a freaking 51 out of 70 possible points on it! I had no idea how to answer it because I didn’t even study that question. I have gotten an A in every single one of my college English classes (save one, but that professor was a complete arse) so I know how to craft an essay. I mean, I wasn’t upset or anything… just highly amused. It definitely made my day a little brighter.

Now I must go read a 270 page book for tomorrow’s class. Quote of the day from my quote of the day calendar:

“Between whom there is heavy truth there is love.” – Henry David Thoreau

Have a happy April! See you tomorrow.


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