BEDA 6: Imagine Me And You…

Welcome to what I like to call “Lauren has agreed to do BEDA and very well can’t give up because she has entirely to much homework to do and nothing remotely interesting to talk about.” I can’t be bothered to go look up stuff or make this thing witty and charming, so for today enjoy what I like to call “Six Things on Lauren’s Desk.”

1. SHAKESPEARE Bobble Head


No, I am not even kidding. I got this lovely little thin whilst wandering the streets of Shakespeare’s birthplace. Whenever I need help studying for an exam and I have given up all hope, I shake Shakespeare and everything works out for the better. I must sound insane to you people.

2. LOVE Flask

LOVE flask

I got this because it is awesome. I got my sister one that is green and says PEACE and together we are going to use them on my 21st birthday because WE CAN. In other news my mother slowly shakes her head in disappointment.

3. TWO Quote books


This is perhaps the most random (or possibly not) but as I was looking on my desk for interesting items, I found these little gems. I don’t even remember what year this started, but I do remember that my friend Caleb would occasionally write movie quotes on a sheet of paper and people would guess them. I suppose I was the best at this? Or something? Anywho, I remember we were sitting in Pastor Elvis’ Spanish class, not learning anything as usual, and I said to Caleb, “Why haven’t you done any more of those movie quote games?” (Or something to that effect, I’m SURE he will correct me if I am wrong.) Somehow it turned into Caleb writing down quotes in this notebook and then passing it off to me between class where I would guess the movie, then me write down quotes and pass it back to him. It was a great way to get through horrid classes. By the time we graduated we were on our second volume and the last quote to be answered was number 1,851, a little quote from My Fair Lady. Also, I do remember Caleb ALWAYS made fun of my music notes. If we were quoting a song we put little music notes around them to distinguish them from the regular movie quotes. Lets just say I can’t draw them anymore- it is phycially impossible from all the awful things he said about them.

4. STOLEN Pint


This is a pint glass I stole from a pub in England. It is filled with delicious Wint-O-Greens which is quite a silly name to say out loud. Would you care for a Wint-O-Green?

5. HORSE of a Normal Color


I purchased this little beauty with about 85 tickets I won at The Family Fun Center in Lakeland, Fl. Lets just say I ROCK at ski-ball. I’m not going to tell you why I got this horse over say, a really cool slap bracelet, because it is simply too embarrassing. Although if you were to guess, I would admit to it. And if you know, I trust you will NOT guess and keep it to yourself or die a painful death. Also, this poor horse has no name. Someone name him please!

6. THE Bard

THE bard

My lovely sister got me this little finger puppet magnet thing of William Shakespeare and I am completely in love with him. I decided early on that Shakespeare needed to see the world, and boy has he done just that. Already he has been to NYC, dined with American Girl dolls, posed in front of Trump Towers, been to D.C., posed in front of the White House, been to the WWII memorial, attended a funeral at Arlington, and he has even seen a few lacrosse games. I say he is quite enjoying his time here in the States.

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed “Six Things on Lauren’s Desk” well enough, because I will most likely do this again. Now I am off to do homework and enjoy the rainy weather!

Have a happy April everyone! See you tomorrow.



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5 responses to “BEDA 6: Imagine Me And You…

  1. Glad to see the Quote Books have not gone forgotten. If you ever come down to NC, you’re going to have to bring them just so I can flip through them again. That feels like ages ago, but by god did they ever make school more bearable.

  2. Genevieve

    I just love reading your blog!!! It always makes me laugh! Oh and yes…. the whole flask thing… ….umm…..yea makes a mother proud!!

  3. Just wait til Lauren starts blogging about four new beers per week. Then you can tell all your friends.

  4. Genevieve

    She would never do that!! Cause I would cut off all her fingers!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  5. Genevieve

    O.K. Horse name…wait for it…wwwaaaiiiitttttt fffoooorrrr iiiiittttt…….TROT

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