BEDA 2: Did I Ever Tell You, You’re My Hero…

When my family moved to Delaware two years ago my brother was introduced to all things northern, including more “northern” sports such as lacrosse. He didn’t know how to play lacrosse, but somehow found himself on the team as a defender. On the way to the first game he had to have a teammate explain the rules. This is what I think of lacrosse: it is a silly game that has a few identity issues. Lacrosse is really a mixture of soccer, football, hockey, wrestling, rugby and a bunch of other sports. Seriously? I can’t really figure out what kind of game I am at. Good news is I can see about 30 sports games all for the price of free. Today marked the third game of the season and this was one of the most physical games I have seen them play. If you have never seen lacrosse here are a few little clips of the game:

So there you go; just some exciting highlights from the game tonight. Unfortunately we lost by two but like I said, it was a really rough game. Now that I go to just about every single lacrosse game, I sit in the stands with the lacrosse mothers and we all chat and gossip and cheer on our boys. It is really, really fun.

In other news, my mum and I went to the Amish farmers market today and I got some goodies and a genuine, 100% all leather bag and only on the way home did I realize I am bringing a cow back to my dorm, who will sit there and stare at my roommate, who I should point out is a vegetarian.


Have a happy April everyone. See you tomorrow.



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2 responses to “BEDA 2: Did I Ever Tell You, You’re My Hero…

  1. Genevieve

    I am so excited you got the camera all figured out!!! Now all I have to do is keep my mouth shut during the filming! Great job.

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