BEDA 1: An Intro

Hello Internet! This is a wonderful day because this post *right here* marks the beginning of BEDA. What is BEDA you may ask? It is a little term coined by the adorable Maureen Johnson and it stands for Blog Every Day April. Maureen basically came up with this idea and a bunch of people are joining her in the adventures of blogging and even vlogging (in which case it is referred to as VEDA.) This seems like a fun concept and as long as I can remember to do so, I will be blogging every day for the rest of the month. I can’t promise they will be the most enticing, exciting blogs, but it will still be fun to see what I can come up with when I run out of actual ideas.

Today was April Fools day and my mother played quite the trick on my dad and brother. She called my father at work this morning and told him a pipe burst in our basement and it was flooding everything. After she let him freak out a little bit she informed him that today was, in fact, April fools day and he is just now starting to find it funny. Then earlier this morning she woke my brother up and told him that a pipe burst in his school, half the classrooms were flooding, and that there were no classes today and he totally bought it. She then loudly proclaimed, “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!” and his spirit was crushed. I however, was laughing for quite sometime.

And now it is time for the four most recent movies I watched for a first time.

1. The Boondock Saints


My friend Caleb and I sometimes do a “movie trade off” where I suggest a movie that he has never seen and he suggests one for me. Since he chose to repeatedly ask me to give him a movie when I repeatedly told him I did not have time to recommend a decent one to him, I suggested 13 Going on 30 (read his review of said movie here). Like he says, sometimes our spite for each other gets in the way. So because I told him he had to watch this “girly movie” he made me watch The Boondock Saints. The thing is though, I don’t mind those bloody boy movies. This reminded me of The Departed in the sense that every ten minutes someone is being shot. (Also in the sense that it is a great movie…) The plot confused me at first (so did Departed) but once Caleb explained it to me I liked it. These two Irish brothers decide to take it upon themselves to rid the world (or at least their city) of all types of crime. Easy enough, but alas, I was confused. The actors are fantastic, but that may be because I have an insane weakness for Irish accents, and there are TWO main Irish men. So yeah, that was lovely. But seriously, this movie was really good and if you can handle movies like Kill Bill, The Departed, or any other insanely bloody, violent movie, you should be fine.

2. Rachel Getting Married


I bought this movie solely for the reason that Anne Hathaway was nominated for best actress. Overall I really liked it. The story line was pretty basic- girl gets out of rehab the weekend her sister is getting married. The characters were both likeable and hateable- in other words, relateable. (anyone else loving the unplanned rhyming that is happening?) I found them to be more like the people I know than actual characters in a movie. The movie also got a whole heck of a lot deeper than I expected; it was the first time in a long time I cried during a movie. Anne Hathaway did an excellent job and seriously- that girl can cry on cue like nobody’s business. I really recommend this movie.



I watched this movie because I really, really want to see it on Broadway. Since I can’t afford tickets at this present moment in time, I figured the movie it was based on would be good enough. All I can really say after watching is… I was wrong. I mean, I kind of knew what to expect seeing as this movie was made in the 80’s but WOW. It was pretty hilarious, and not the good way. I guess the plot was about this artist who wanted to open a roller skating place? Or an artist who was stuck in a rut? All I know is that Olivia Newton John is a muse who inspires this artist. That is really all you need to know. I really just recommend this movie if you grew up in the 80’s and were sort of missing that ridiculous era. Or if you were high. It would probably be an enjoyable movie if you were high.

4. Amelie


I saved this movie for last because this is my absolute favorite of the bunch. This movie was the most adorable, funny, quirky, and lovely movie I have seen in a long time. I should probably point out that this is a foriegn film (French), but totally worth the subtitle reading. The movie follows a young waitress, Amelie, who does a good deed, sees how happy it made the person, and decides to do anonymous small good deeds for a bunch of other people. The characters are likeable and the story, as simple as it may seem, is quite refreshing. I really, really recommend this movie to anyone. It is quickly climbing to the top of my favorites list.

Have a happy April everyone. See you tomorrow.


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5 responses to “BEDA 1: An Intro

  1. Genevieve

    O.K. I grew up in the 80’s( o.k. the early ones) and even I would not watch Xanadu again!!! EVER!!!

  2. improbablefiction

    I concur. Twas simply ghastly.

  3. Blogging every day!? INSANITY. Actually, it’s not that hard if you just try to watch movies all the time and/or drink on a weekly basis. Then again, my blogs been falling out since the move while I’m still getting things together, but I still try to hit at least 2/3rds of the month.

    Glad you liked Boondock Saints. Because it’s awesome.

    I really want to see Rachel Getting Married.

    I have no interest in Xanadu.

    Amelie is one of the best foreign films I’ve ever seen.

  4. Genevieve


    Maybe your blog is falling out BECAUSE you have been drinking!!!

  5. No, because every time I’ve drank, I’ve blogged, so that’s definitely not the case.

    If anything it’s just because I’m still getting settled in to my new place/trying to find a schedule.