One day I will have enough interesting things to say for a real post. But for now, enjoy another list.

If you have ever spent over ten minutes with me you may notice that I quote a lot of movies in regular, everyday conversation. I mean, why try and scrape together words that will only do what you are thinking half the justice, when a movie line can say it so much better?

However, a lot of times I end up quoting movies in conversations and the specific lines I choose serve no real purpose to furthering along the point of what we are talking about. Sometimes people just say casual, everyday words and *poof* the quote comes into my head and all of the sudden I am saying it before I realize what exactly I am doing, and then the person I am talking to becomes quite confused and thinks I am a crazy, and I have to totally dismiss the incident as if it never happened (just like this run on sentence). So if you ever find yourself in a conversation with me, I will more than likely quote a movie. And if you talk to me a lot, you will see a pattern. So off the top of my head here are the top five movies I quote. Remember, there is no real sense to my quoting them. I just do.

5. Sleeping Beauty

This was quoted a lot more as a child, but from time to time I slip into random monologues from this movie. The best part about my quoting Sleeping Beauty is I know the movie so well that every quote (when necessary) comes with its own sound effect.

Favorite line(s) to quote: (there are far too many so I am simply choosing the first one that I think of)

Maleficent: “You poor simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me, *me*! The Mistress of all evil! Well, here’s your precious princess. [insert evil laugh here]”

4. Drop Dead Gorgeous

How could anyone watch this movie and NOT come away with a totally awesome quote?! If you have never seen this brilliant mockumentary about beauty pageants, stop what you are doing and go rent it NOW.

Favorite line(s) to quote:

Amber Atkins: “This is bullsh*t!”

Iris Clark: “Amber Atkins! That is not American Teen Princess Language!”

Amber Atkins: “Well this *isn’t* American Teen Princess..this is…this is… NAZI GERMANY!”

3. The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

I absolutely adore quoting this movie, because when one does quote it the lines require you to use this particular dramatic southern drawl that is just magnificent.

Favorite line(s) to quote: (I have two favorites)

Grandma ‘Buggy’ Abbott: “Whatever you did to make your father give you this ring is a mortal sin.” (that is to be said with the most hateful southern drawl you can get. This may not sound like a good quote, but when said with the right amount of hatred and flair, the effect can be dazzling.)

Sidda Lee Walker: “I am so sick of her tantrums and drunken rages! I heard the ice clinking in the glass momma! Sounds of my happy childhood!”

2. Walk the Line

This is one of my favorite movies ever. Also one of my favorites to quote as it too requires some sort of southern flair (at least for June Carter Cash’s lines).

Favorite line(s) to quote: (again, too many to choose so I am picking my favorite two)

Jerry Lee Lewis: “Were all going to hell for the songs we sing.”

June Carter Cash: “Well what about me Jerry Lee? Am I going to hell?”

Jerry Lee Lewis: “No June, you’re beautiful.”


June Carter Cash: “My problem is that it’s 2 A.M. My problem is I’m asleep. I’m on a tour bus with eight stinkin’ men. Rule number one: Don’t propose to a girl on a bus, you got that? Rule number two: Don’t tell her it’s because you had a bad dream.”

1. Love Actually

I more than likely quote at least one line from this movie every single day. No lie. Also note that all lines (save very few) require British accents.

Favorite line(s) to quote: (more than one, obviously)

Juliet: “Bonoffee pie?” … “Thank God. You would have broken my heart if you’d said yes.”

Prime Minister: “Did you ever have this problem? Of course you did you saucy minx.”

Jamie’s niece: “I HATE UNCLE JAMIE!”

So there you go, my favorite movies to quote and my favorite lines off the top of my head.

Honorable Mentions: Remember the Titans, That Thing You Do, The Shawshank Redemption, Blue Hawaii, Hairspray, and lots more.

What do you like to quote? Do you even notice that you do?



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2 responses to “One day I will have enough interesting things to say for a real post. But for now, enjoy another list.

  1. Genevieve

    O.K. I may agree with you on most of these,(I’ve never really heard the Love actually one) and even though you don’t really like the movie… You cant forget Anne Of Green Gables!!! You know “I do mean drrrenched” or ” that’s the kind that put strychnine in the well!!” or “Burnt them to a crisp in their beds!!” I could go on and on!

  2. improbablefiction

    You hear Love Actually all the time, but you have never seen the movie so you don’t really know when I am quoting it.


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