Je suis très heureuse!

So basically the past couple of weeks have been really boring for me. The exciting things I have done were NYC (where I saw Captain Hammer in SOHO!!) and Washington, which were really, really fun. Other than that, things have been going like they usually go. I wake up, go to class, get out of class, twitter, go to another class, eat alone for lunch, go to class, twitter, go back to my dorm room, do about 3-4 hours of homework, give up on homework, twitter, watch a movie, call my mother, go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. Classes have been really interesting, just nothing worth posting about. I guess you could say interesting in the educational sense, not in the entertainment sense. But then I got this French assignment and it was amazing. I thought I was doing mediocre in French, that I couldn’t conjugate my verbs and I was failing at life. Then this writing assignment came along and I actually completed it tonight! In like, an hour! So now I am going to post what I wrote, and if you care enough to translate it go right ahead. Or you could just ask me millions of times in the comments and maybe I will post the English version. Or you could just not care at all. Whatever floats your boat.

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Lauren. Je suis anglaise. Avoir 21 ans, et je suis de Bear, Delaware. Je suis petite, avoir les cheveux bruns, et avoir les yeux marron. Je suis active, amusant, et très timide. Je voyage beaucoup Pairs, England, et America. Je suis étudiante; j’étudie la Littérature et je préféré William Shakespeare. Très, très, très  j’adore William Shakespeare!  J’adore ma famille aussi.

Mon père est super. Il s’appelle Jim. Il avoir 48 ans. Il travaille de McLane Company-il est président. Il est très grand, avoir les cheveux gris et avoir les yeux verts. Il est très intelligent, avare, gros, et très amusant. Il est très, très sociable. Il aime la musique classique. Il déteste du shopping, mais je suis adore toujours shopping!

Ma mère est mon ami proche. Elle s’appelle Tammy. Elle avoir ?* ans. Elle travaille en à domicile. Elle est petite, avoir les cheveux bruns, et avoir les yeux marron. Elle est active, très généreuse, intelligent, et optimiste. Elle est sympathique, raisonnable, et heureuse aussi. Je ressemble ma mère.

Ma sœur s’appelle Sara. Elle a 23 ans. Elle travaille en Starbucks. Elle est petite, avoir les cheveux bruns, et avoir les yeux marron. Elle est allergique beaucoup, idéaliste, intéressante, et nerveuse. Elle aime tous les jours surfe sur Internet. Elle préféré toujours dormir.

Mon frère s’appelle James. Il est élève. Il a 18 ans. Il avoir les cheveux bruns, et avoir les yeux marron. Il est très grand. Il est altruiste, amusant, et très, très, très sociable (beaucoup copains). Il est très énergique. Il est sportif, il joue lacrosse très bien! Ma famille pensent James ressemble moi. Nous sommes très fermer.

Ma famille est très intéressante.  J’adore ma famille beaucoup.

So, yeah. It is not perfect, and if you speak fluent French and I just compeltely butchered your language, I apoligize. But at least I am trying, right? That should count for something.

I am also trying to convince my parents to let me do this study abroad. Yeah, I just came back from one, but I can’t help it. It is like legal crack people. This time it is to New Zealand and it is for a month (next January). The only other problem besides convincing my parents to let me go is the actual application process. Apparantly this is going to be pretty competitive to get into because the University set a cap on how many people could go- 30. Thats it! 30 people!! At the info meeting I attended 28 people had already signed up (I didn’t know we could sign up early) so I completed my application that night, and with the help of my roomate I created the best essay those people will ever read. So hopefully that gets me an advantage.

I will keep you updated on the process of my study abroad. And French. Because it makes me so happy when I can put together more than one coherent sentence.

*Mother, I declined to post your age on this contraption called the interent. Your welcome.


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5 responses to “Je suis très heureuse!

  1. Haha, the literal translation via Babelfish is adorable. It reminds me of Aurelia in Love Actually.

    Hello! I am called Lauren. I am English. To be 21 years old, and I am of Bear, Delaware. I am small, to have the brown hair, and to have the eyes chestnut. I am active, amusing, and very shy person. I travel much Pairs, England, and America. I am coed; I study the Literature and I preferred William Shakespeare. Very, very, very I adore William Shakespeare! I adore my family too. My father is super. He is called Jim. It to be 48 years old. He works of McLane Company he is president. He is very large, to have the gray hair and to have the green eyes. He is very intelligent, miserly, large, and very amusing. He is very, very sociable. He likes the classical music. He hates shopping, but I am always adore shopping! My mother is my close friend. She is called Tammy. It to have? * years. She works in residence. She is small, to have the brown hair, and to have the eyes chestnut. She is active, very generous, intelligent, and optimistic. She is sympathetic nerve, reasonable, and happy too. I resemble my mother. My sister is called Sara. She is 23 years old. She works in Starbucks. She is small, to have the brown hair, and to have the eyes chestnut. She is allergic much, idealist, interesting, and nervous. She likes every day surfe on Internet. It always preferred to sleep. My brother is called James. He is pupil. He is 18 years old. It to have the brown hair, and to have the eyes chestnut. It is very large. It is altruistic, amusing, and very, very, very sociable (much buddies). It is very energetic. He is sportsman, he plays lacrosse very well! My family think James resembles me. We are very to close. My family is very interesting. I adore my family much.

  2. And come on, Lauren. Everyone knows your mother is 37. You’re not fooling anyone.

    Clearly, she started young. Such a gold-digger, that Tammy.

  3. improbablefiction

    hahaha that was great. Have you ever seen Everything is Illuminated? It sounds like the guy from that… such a good movie.

    You should see it, just in cases.

  4. My answer is being no.

    But I’ll add it to my to do list. Remind me the next time we do a movie trade-off (which will be after you watch Boondock Saints!). I’m watching your pick tomorrow.

  5. Salut, moi aussi je cherche des cours de musiques, j’ai trouv ce site interressant pour deposer une annonce de recherche cours de musique.

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