And they lived happily ever after…


I think it has been stressed enough on my blog that I love Sleeping Beauty and loath Cinderella because she is an attention-stealing, money-hungry whore. But sadly, they do not really make nine million adaptations of Sleeping Beauty. And seeing as I have nothing relatively interesting to post about tonight, I have decided to suck up my hatred for the Cinderella and post my favorite adaptations/remakes of the movies. These are in order of my mood at this current moment in time.

5. Walt Disney’s Cinderella

Okay, fine. It’s not that I necessarily hate Cinderella… It’s just that when I was younger I loved Sleeping Beauty and everything was Cinderella. So I formed some sort of warped hatred. But even I must admit that this is a timeless story and given that its Disney, I really couldn’t not include it. Plus those mice are so darn cute.

4. Ella Enchanted

This movie is so much fun. I love Anne Hathaway and everyone else in this movie- the cast is perfect. The wicked stepsisters are quite unique and that Prince Charming- oh my. That was some nice casting. I like the twist on this story and the magical elements of all the characters, not just the fairy godmother. I also like the variations of the names (“Ella” “Prince Char”).

3. A Cinderella Story

I absolutely love this movie. I like that you know it is the Cinderella story- the elements are the same (dead dad, evil stepmother/sisters, Cindy becomes a slave for them, ball, etc.) but they are done in a modern way. With Ella Enchanted you still had a sort of period piece and magic, which didn’t make it relatable to nowadays. I like how the names have changed (“Cinderella” becomes “Sam” etc.) and that Cinderella has a best friend (who is the best character of the movie). I also like the modern internet/texting changes and how instead of leaving her shoe at the ball she leaves her cell phone. Genius.

2. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

I love musicals and this is no exception. Brandy makes for a rather lovely Cinderella and Whitney is Whitney- always amazing. This is also the most diverse cast, which makes it all interesting. Bernadette Peters is phenomenal as usual, and the songs are so darn catchy. Seriously, I listen to this soundtrack all the time. It is so fun!

1. Ever After

This is by far my favorite remake of Cinderella of all time. This movie is absolutely brilliant; I honestly don’t think there is one thing about it I dislike. And ask my mother- I quote it all the time. The costumes are beautiful, the scenery is amazing and the subtle changes to the original story line work. I think my favorite thing is how the movie treats the story as a real legend starting with the most iconic piece of the movie- the glass slipper. The great granddaughter or great-great granddaughter (I don’t remember which one) has the glass slipper and begins to tell the story. If you have never seen this movie, first- what is wrong with you, and second- stop what you are doing and watch this movie right now. Go. It is amazing.



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10 responses to “And they lived happily ever after…

  1. Brandy is way to high.

    It also doesn’t help that I’m not remotely attracted to her. Or Oprah. Anne Hathaway, Hilary Duff, Drew Barrymore? Check, check, check.

  2. improbablefiction

    Brandy- meh. I mainly like that version bc of the songs.

    Oprah- ew. (but on a different note- did you mean Whitney? Because if you did, then I like her. But not Oprah.)

    Love Anne, Hilary and Drew lots.

  3. Genevieve

    I really like the one with Brandy but I think the original is just as good. Maybe I think so because Lesley Ann Warren was so good in Pure Country and this is where she got her start and even though the quality is sad and the actors are cheesy its just a great film to watch! And frankly I would switch 3 to 5 and move 4 to 3 and 5 to 4! Confused yet???

  4. improbablefiction

    Haha. I think I got it. I love Cinderella Story though!

  5. Haha,

    Alright, so for some reason I thought Oprah was in the Brandy Cinderella. Whitney is better musically, but attraction-wise she still isn’t doing anything for me.

  6. Genevieve


    That is the funniest thing I have ever heard!!!! I think Oprah would be thankful but Whitney on the other hand might slap you up side the head!!!

  7. Great post! Have you ever seen “The Slipper and the Rose”? It’s a lesser-known musical version of Cinderella. I really like or love, depending on my mood, all of the movies you mention. But like you I’ve always preferred Sleeping Beauty. It’s really quite sad that there aren’t more adaptations of that story. Have you read Robin McKinley’s book “Spindle’s End”? One of the few adaptations out there but I loved it!

  8. improbablefiction

    I haven’t seen The Slipper and the Rose! I will check it out!

    And omg! I haven’t heard of Spindle’s End but I am going to look for it right now and order me a copy! Thanks for the tip!

  9. You’re welcome, I hope you like it! Oh, and I remembered another book – “Beauty Sleep” by Cameron Dokey.

  10. improbablefiction

    Adding it to the list!


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