“It’s as Ann as the nose on plain’s face.”

Bonjour Internet! Ja m’appelle Improbable Fiction (votre prenom, Lauren). Comment allez-vous? Je vais très bien. Çe va? Non? Oui?

Why, yes (oui!). I did just type all of that in French. You see, I haven’t been posting lately as I have just started a new semester of school and I have been very busy moving in and going to class and speaking French. Seeing as I have only had three classes and therefore can not exactly put together many sentences beyond the basic greetings (see above), I shall be typing the rest of this in my native tongue- English. Don’t worry, There will most likely be some sort of French in each post from now on.

Where do I begin? Lets start with my room. Supposedly my roommate and I have one of the larger rooms in our dorm. Compared to my dorm room in Florida (well, the most recent I occupied) it is a tad smaller, though it does have more shelving space. Compared to my dorm room in England, I am living in a palace. I have a rather pretty view of the south green, and *gasp* the library. You could say I am very happy about this. My roommate is rather nice. She is also an education major, like me, though her focus is in music (she plays the flute and just recently beat out a grad student for first chair in ensemble. HA!) and mine is in English. She has rather long hair and always wears it in a braid. She is Jewish. She likes horses. Sometimes we sit and people watch from our windows. We see some very peculiar people. My desk is quite roomy compared to my previous desks, and I have my own closet. MY OWN CLOSET. I almost died when I saw that. One day, when I find the cord that connects my camera to my computer, I will upload pictures.

Just next door from me is my RA, Keith. He put up little things on everyone’s doors with their names on them, and up until two or so days ago I didn’t have one. We randomly met in the hall and he informed me that he would be putting my name on my door as soon as he stopped being lazy (which turned out to be ten minutes). He then asked me if he spelled “Lauren” correctly, or if there were any weird “y” or “i” letters in there. I told him there were, and he had a minor freak out. “There are! Oh man, I spelled it wrong? What is it- a y?” I then proceeded to tell him I was just kidding and we (Keith, my roommate, and I) all had a good chuckle.

Classes are rather interesting. Another good thing about my dorm is I am really close to my classrooms. The farthest is about a ten minute walk. My first class was on the Jewish Holocaust which should be really interesting. My next class was FRENCH, which I am very excited about. Though, I do have a lot of vocab to memorize before my first quiz on Mardi (Tuesday). I actually have French four days a week so that is fun. The only sort of downside is the class is taught by two different professors. On MW we have Madame Poindexter and on TR we have Mademoiselle Grace. They are both extremely nice though so I suppose I can handle it. Then I went to Linguistics which is going to be my most interesting (professor-wise not subject-wise) and most challenging. The class is taught by a Japanese man who… hasn’t quite mastered the English language (it is not his native language). Why do I point this out? Because it is a class all about the English language and how it all fits together and works. So, yeah. Good call getting a foreign speaking person to teach a class about the mechanics of speaking English. Every Tuesday I have a lecture with my professor, but every Thursday I have a “discussion” with my T.A. who is very smart and very confusing. Unfortunately this class is required for my major so there is nothing I can really do about it.

Then I have a MWF class called “Tools of Textual Analysis” (which we have agreed sounds dirty) and basically this is a fancy way of saying “Introduction to Lit” which I have already taken. So why am I taking this dirty class? Well the effing guy hasn’t approved my transfer credit yet. And if he fails to do so by Tuesday, I basically have to retake this class and I will not be having any of that. And then there is my Contemporary Jewish/American Lit class where my professor rocks because he assigned us a bunch of one-page papers, a “longer paper” (1500 words… I wrote at least five of those just in England last semester!), and we get to watch a bunch of movies (one in particular being School Ties which I have already seen… and own…because not only is is a good movie but MATT DAMON is in it, so we will be watching MATT DAMON in class which is pretty freaking awesome). And to top it all off, we don’t have class on April 10th because it is Passover. This class is going to be pretty darn amazing.

So hopefully that explains my absence from this glorious blog. I must now bid you adieu and finish my homework.

À bientôt!



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7 responses to ““It’s as Ann as the nose on plain’s face.”

  1. Public schools celebrate Passover? Weird.

  2. improbablefiction

    No, that is the only class that I get to miss because of Passover, as it is a Jewish related class and my professor is Jewish. However, the University does honor any religious holiday (meaning you can miss class and it not count against you) if you can orally explain to your professor what it is about and why/how it relates to you.

  3. You seem awfully surrounded by Jews these days. If I find out you’ve given up on pork, there will be hell to pay.

    Or probably no one to pay in reality, but I will be sure to voice my disappointment. Loudly.

  4. Genevieve

    Eeeeew pork

  5. Genevieve

    That was Sara btw…as is this.

  6. Thanks for clarifying, I nearly marked off cool points on the wrong person.

    You’re being framed, Tammy!

  7. Genevieve

    I believe it!!! Because I LOVE pork!

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