Thoughts and such.

I went shopping today and got the most random mix of DVDs. Ghost, Titanic, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Footloose, High School USA, Definitely Maybe, Martian Child, Blind Dating, The Blue State, Mozart and the Wale, and The Great Debaters. Gosh I love Denzel Washington. Best news- every single DVD was on sale! Go me.

My mother and I are fast forwarding through a majority of the actual Superbowl so we can watch the commercials. Is that bad? I’m doing a “live” twitter feed of my initial thoughts. Here are some of them:

Avon- you are not Superbowl commercial material. Sorry, but your playing with the big boys now. step it up.

Bud Light- classic as always.

Another Fast and the Furious? What is this, the seventeenth one? No? Just me?

Ah, yes. The ever present monkey commercial. I was wondering when it would be on.

Chuck- You rock my socks. Heroes? Just give it up.

Apparently PIT is up 10 to AZ’s 7. Is this good? I’m not rooting for a specific team. Usually with football I root for whoever has the ball at the time I look up to watch (except for the big Auburn/Alabama game. If I want to remain in my family, I cheer on those tigers). Now we are going to watch a DVD and record the BIG GAME so we can fast forward through the rest and only watch half time and commercials.

—————————————————-Post Superbowl Comments:

I hate the Superbowl. I finally chose a team, and they lost. And I don’t think that guy had both feet on the ground. Whatever.

Overall on the commercials? Meh, loved some, others were good, the rest (read: majority) were so-so. My favorites? The NBC ones (that showed Hereos and Chuck and all those other shows I don’t watch.)

I’m sad. I need The Office to cheer me up!!



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2 responses to “Thoughts and such.

  1. Genevieve

    I agree about the commercials!! However I did absolutely love the the COCA-COLA one with the ladybug! Totally fantastic!

  2. improbablefiction

    Yes. I loved the Coke ones, the Budweiser ones, the Doritos ones, and the NBC ones.

    Oh and that one with the gold and MC Hammer…

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