A feeling of utter happiness and being content with life.


Why? I’ll tell you why… (what movie? anyone? no?) I just registered for my classes and I got all of the ones I wanted! Huzzah! It only took about five days to get it exactly like I wanted; but fear not! I followed the advice of the ever-so-wise Tim Gunn and MADE. IT. WORK. So here it is in all of its utter glory:

(MWF) Tools of Textual Analysis

(MWF) Contemporary Jewish- American Literature

(TR) Introduction to Linguistics

(TR) Jewish Holocaust: 1933-1945

(MTWR) French I: Elementary French

I am extremely excited about my Jewish Holocaust class and French. I didn’t think I was going to make it into French because all of the classes were full (as a transfer student I am basically last to register for classes). So I got it all nicely worked out, but I only had four classes. I needed one more, because I like to take 15-18 credit hours a semester. So I checked out all these various classes I could take, all of which were completely full or didn’t fit into my time. Boo! So it came down to me checking the seating for French ever hour. I literally mean every hour; praying to the good Lord above that I could get into it. And holy cheerios! I got the one single, lonely spot that opened up randomly at 6pm! Prayer works.

I also got my roommate and housing assignment and I am right next to all of my class buildings and the dining hall and *gasp* the library!! I am so excited! My roommate seems really nice and I am eager to move in. I am living on a coed floor which would be considered an utter sin in my previous university. I also live next door to my RA. Whose name is Keith.

I can already tell that this smester is going to be a whole new ball game, and I can’t wait.



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5 responses to “A feeling of utter happiness and being content with life.

  1. Studying the Holocaust in detail sounds like a fantastic way to keep a positive attitude and not seem at all macabre when meeting new people.

    I wanted to Minor in Hitler myself, but it turned out Full Sail was just a Film program and that wasn’t even an option.

  2. improbablefiction

    Oh excellent word choice with macabre.

    And what do you mean “just a film program”? Like you didn’t have history or science classes?? Or you just didn’t have random ones like on the Holocaust and such.

  3. We had “history of film” and “art history” classes and such, but literally everything directly related back to film somehow except for the one “College Math” class.

    The majority of it is technically a form of “science”. It’s a Bachelor of Science degree; just mainly with electronics.

  4. radiantjewel

    testing my picture…

  5. radiantjewel

    woot! it works

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