I miss England.

For the past few nights I have really been missing London. I think it started when I was watching clips from Green Street Hooligans, an utterly fantastic movie that takes place in London. If you have not seen this movie I order you to see it as soon as possible.

Basically it is about this group of guys, known as the GSE- Green Street Elite, who are really just a bunch of football “hooligans”- hence the name. (Oh and when I say football I really mean soccer but you have to remember this takes place in England and their football is our soccer.) Through an unfortunate lie told by his roommate, Elijah Wood’s character, Matt,  is kicked out of Harvard and decides to go visit his sister and her family in jolly old England which is where he meets Pete Dunham: just your average incredibly attractive, intelligent, thuggish 20 year old Cockney-speaking West Ham United obsessed guy. Oh yeah, he happens to be the leader of his particular underground GSE firm. Well the two hit it off (obviously or there would be no story line) and the rest of the movie involves a lot of fighting and drinking and fighting and singing and fighting. Which is where this post comes in.

In this one particular scene in the movie that takes place in a pub where all the guys are getting ready for the big football game, so naturally they are drinking. As I said before there is singing, and this just happens to be one of my favorite scenes in the movie. (**warning particularly to me father and mother: explicatives are used in the following clip. I repeat, explicatives are used. You have been warned.**)

Okay, before I go on to the story, can I just say that looks like A LOT of fun? I went to the occasional pub, but never did we stand on tables and sing our hearts out then celebrate our excitement by throwing beer around like it was confetti. Mmmk, so, I was in my room in London getting ready to go out and around 10pm I heard a bunch of people from the pub right down the street. Now I always kept the window open in my room because it got so hot in there, and this pub was literally about a two minute walk from my dorm, so I often heard late night drunken confessions, shouts, songs, etc. Well on this particular night I was about to leave my room when I heard a group of men start singing at the top of their lungs. I got on my bed, stuck my head out the window to get a better grasp on what they were slurring singing, and darn it all, they were singing the bubble song! I was so excited of course I joined in, though it was more of a whisper because people were walking down the sidewalk and I didn’t want to frighten them with my, uh, glorious singing.

As I have been watching various clips and movies all set in England, I have been missing it a lot. I am very excited to one day return and see what has changed and what is still there. All of the secret spots that hold so many memories I will, hopefully, never forget. I have been talking to a lot of my friends lately who are interested in studying abroad and let me just say, if you EVER get the chance, please don’t turn it down. There were things I didn’t do that I wanted, things I did that I wish I didn’t, but I learned a whole heck of a lot inside and outside of the classroom. All in all, as generic as this may sound, it was one of the greatest experieces of my life.


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