50 random things I have done in my lifetime:

1. Jumped off a 50-foot cliff in the south of France.
2. Read the first five Harry Potter books in one week.
3. Stood on a bench in Disney World on New Years Eve, sang Disney tunes, and held my Mickey Mouse hat out for tips. Which I got.
4. Waited outside of a theater for almost two hours to meet my favorite Broadway star.
5. Snorkeled in the Bahamas.
6. Spent a week in a converted monastery.
7. Stayed awake for 27 consecutive hours for a sleep deprivation study.
8. Went out on a boat with my friends and survived when it started sinking.
9. Took a picture of a random man while driving to Downtown Disney with my friend.
10. Got my picture taken by a random man while driving to Downtown Disney with my friend.
11. Been to the top of the French Alps.
12. Been to the top of the Italian Alps.
13. Ignored the rules of our school and kept my dorm room window open.
14. Danced at Passover for the past three years.
15. Stayed up all night with my roommate watching Friends and drinking Mt. Dew.
16. Snuck a boy into the dorms after curfew so he could bring me and my roommate milk for our cereal.
17. Forgot where I parked the car at Universal Studios and spent an hour looking for it.
18. Danced in a Pub/ club for almost three hours straight.
19. Had a conversation with a random man on a four-hour flight to Atlanta.
20. Went to a Georgia football game and didn’t know what was happening because I don’t understand the rules of football.
21. Went to a Nascar race with my family and got beer spilled all over me by a drunk man.
22. Visited the home of my lover Shakespeare.
23. Saw a Broadway show in Canada.
24. Saw five Broadway shows in England.
25. Have seen over seven Broadway shows in America.
26. Stood on the top floor of the Eiffel Tower… twice.
27. Had a one eyed hedgehog as a pet.
28. Slept on the floor of a Church while helping rebuild houses in Mississippi.
29. Charmed my way out of getting charged for excess baggage weight on the way home from France.
30. Accidently took two different cold medicines in one night (within twenty minutes of each other) and thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.
31. Skipped class to go to Disney World.
32. Went on the Tower of Terror at MGM fifteen times in one day.
33. Was forced by my professor to spend an entire religion class standing in front of everyone pretending to be married to a random guy while people asked us questions about how we met and how we were going to raise our hypothetical children. We had to hold hands and his girlfriend gave me the death stare. It was horrible.
34. Spent an entire day walking from my dorm in Kensington to the London Bridge. It was a really, really, really long walk.
35. Ate sushi filled with raw octopus and loved it.
36. Got a third piercing in my ear. I am wild.
37. Watched every single vlogbrother video on youtube.
38. Bought the best bread from Harrods.
39. Met Josh Hartnett.
40. Danced with a guy from my class in the middle of a restaurant on my senior trip in high school.
41. Drove to Orlando with my sister to pick up her bridesmaids dress in 95-degree weather with no air conditioning.
42. Stayed up all night studying for a state certified Education exam. Basically, it was the hardest exam I have ever taken.
43. Wrote the majority of someone else’s research paper.
44. Snuck into the music rooms at my college with my friends and took pictures on all of the pianos.
45. Watched Walk the Line four times in a row one Saturday.
46. Only read three of the eight books for my travel writing class and still managed to get a B.
47. Had a random conversation with and drew a portrait of two French men on the way back to London from Stratford.
48. Got on stage and sang on a Disney cruise on my 16th birthday.
49. Almost drowned when I was little.
50. Stole a glass from a pub I went to in England. It is now sitting happily on my dresser.


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