Dear 2008, It’s been fun.

So here are my best and worsts, my favorites and not so favorites of the year 2008.

Country I lived in:

Best: England. Okay, before you start getting all bent out of shape you saucy Americans let me explain. I mean, I was in England. The Country that birthed Shakespeare. I freaking went to his house. I think that is reason enough.

Worst: France. Last year when I lived in France for a month it was glorious. I thought no other foreign country could top it. But then I lived in England and okay, so I technically didn’t live in France this year, but I did spend two nights there so that counts for something. Besides, even I will admit it that as much as I loved it a year ago, it *is* worse than America. And England.

University I attended:

Best: Richmond: The American International University in London. I mean, seriously people. They threw us boat parties along the Thames River. They provided cheap ways to see plays and musicals and football matches games things. No curfew and really nice people working there helped them gain points.

Worst: Southeastern University. Oh come on. Not only is it the only other University I have attended this past year but seriously? Let me give you the run down. I got an email and a letter in the mail the other week and the morons said they had no record of me living on campus this past semester and were going to charge me full price for housing unless I can prove that I followed the rules of  living off campus this past semester (with immediate family, over the age of 22, married, or taking fewer than 10 credits). I WAS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY YOU EFFING IDIOTS!!!!


Best: This is a tough decision. So I am making it a tie between my ESOL professor Amy Bratten, or my Photography professor Mary Robert. The first because she really cared about us and taught us fun games to incorporate into our lessons. The second because she was so relaxed and willing to help you learn the most about photography she could. She also gained points when she came to class SEVERELY medicated. It was the best 3 hour class ever.

Worst: Do you even have to ask? I have an entire section of my blog dedicated to my loathing of this man. RICHARD.

Roommate I had:

Best: I would have to say Whitney. She always invited me to wherever she and her friends were going and took me on her shopping trips to help her pick out really fun, cute clothes and shoes. Oh the shoes I convinced her to buy. Internet, it was glorious.

Worst: The worst roommate I ever had can not be named because I did not live with her this year. But I can tell you it starts with a K. And ends with an “erstin”.

Celeb I met:

Best: Norbert Leo Butz. Okay, so if you aren’t a theater freak like I am then you may not know who this guy is. But let me just say, I am completely infatuated with him. The guy has talent galore and even though I am sad he didn’t chose to do a musical, his comedic timing made Is He Dead? as amazing as it was. For those of you who don’t know who he is, I’ll give you my second choice for best celeb- Josh Hartnett (click here).

Worst: Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York. I should point out that she wasn’t a pain or anything, but I feel as though she gets rather frazzled with all of the press and having to do about five things at once. Not that I blame her or anything, she just wasn’t particularly friendly.

Musical I saw:

Best: Spamalot, hands down. This play was brilliant and you can read my thoughts about it here.

Worst: The Sound of Music. Overall the play wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as good as Hairspray, Wicked, or Spamalot. And the lead guy sucked. I’ll go easy on the guy and agree with my sister in that he may have been getting over a cold. But deep down I seriously doubt it.

Play I saw:

Best: Is He Dead? Never in my life have I laughed so much while watching a play. Add in the fact that Norbert was in the starring role, and it was comedic gold. I love him so much. A close, close runner up was Hamlet.

Worst: Timon of Athens. How bad was this play? On a scale from one to ten it was about… a thousand. Perhaps it was the humans dressed as vultures clucking at me (which sounds stupid but was actually quite scary). Or maybe it was the man who flashed us for no reason. Or perhaps it was the guy who literally crapped on stage. Take your pick of those, any will do. That play was the most awful experience of my life. Oh Billy Shakespeare, how could you do me wrong? I thought we had something special.

Favorite TV show- comedy:

Okay, another tie. But I can not help the fact I am a very indecisive gal. First would def. have to be How I Met Your Mother. This show is awesome and always makes me laugh and never, ever, in all of its four years running has this show disappointed me. But as good as this is, it ties with Psych. Back when I made that list of guys I would marry, I was so upset that Shawn Spencer didn’t make the list, because I forgot him. I know, I know… craziness. So I am adding him now. Deal with it. This show is about a fake psychic who works for the police department solving crimes with a “psychic ability” that he does not have. Add a small dose of drama peppered with insane and often obscure pop culture references and you have the makings of wonderful television.

Favorite TV show- drama:

No doubt about it, this one goes to House. This show is great, and although it has sort of gone in a direction I disagree with (character wise) I still find time to watch it regularly. You should be watching it too.

Most disappointed with TV show:

Heroes. Oh how the glorious have fallen. You had a chance to redeem yourself with this “villains” stuff. You had a chance to go back to your first-half-of-the-first-season glory days and did you? NO. You confused your audience even more by adding more characters to the outrageously large cast and turning the plot into something so complex I stopped watching three episodes into the season. Sort it out. Get your stuff together people.

Favorite movie I saw in the theaters:

What Happens in Vegas. I LOVED this movie so much and the fact that Ashton was in it may or may not (but most likely may) have something to do with it. It was laugh-out-loud funny and I may or may not have accidentally shouted something at the screen not noticing it until my mother started laughing and then I realized what I did.

Favorite class I took:

Photography. That class was amazing, and I really learned so much. I can now take, develop, process, enlarge and edit all of my own film. Its amazing. I am so happy I persuaded my advisor to let me take it.

Favorite book I read:

Looking for Alaska by John Green. No, I did not list this just because it is a John Green book. This book is seriously amazing. Paper Towns is also good, but there is something about Alaska that makes you stop and think about the kind of person you are, and what can happen in a moments notice. No one really ever knows their future as well as they think they do. So please, go out and buy this book. It is just brilliant.

Favorite YouTuber:

Ooh, this is a difficult one. I am going to have to go with What the Buck, though there are many others I enjoy watching.

Favorite YouTube collaboration channel:

(In case you didn’t know, a collaboration is when you have more than one person making videos on a regular basis.) Without doubt this one goes to the Vlogbrothers– John and Hank Green. Other honorable mentions go to the Five Awesome Girls and the copy-cat channel Five Awesome Guys. Both the five awesome girls/guys started because of the awesomeness that is the vlogbrothers. DFTBA.

Favorite internet video:

This is, without doubt, the best thing out there right now. Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog is by far one of my favorite things to watch. Neil Patrick Harris is simply amazing (he is also more than simply amazing on Monday nights where you can see him play Barney in the show How I Met Your Mother on CBS- go check it out). And all of the singing and horribleness and Captain Hammer- just please. Go watch it for free on this website.

So there you have it Internet. My list of the most random things about 2008. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while writing it. And as far as the year 2008 is concerned… well, its 2:17 am and I just now posted this so you have passed along my old friend. But it was real. Thanks for giving me stuff to make a list about.



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3 responses to “Dear 2008, It’s been fun.

  1. What Happens in Vegas? Really? I’m going to have to find some way to put that into perspective so my mind can even process such a claim. How did you like Just Married vs. how did you like Dude Where’s My Car? I actually like Ashton Kutcher just fine, but that seems like such an unusual #1 choice.

    Also, why isn’t there a least favorite movie? Did you just manage to dodge ALL the crap this year?

  2. improbablefiction

    Wellll I was going to include a least favorite movie, but I generally liked all the ones I saw in the theaters. But that is probably because I didn’t see to many in the theaters this year. I mean, I suppose The Woman would be the worst, because the acting was somewhat lacking. I did watch a movie called The Sleeping Dictionary (not a new release or anything) and it was just awful. But mostly because Jessica Alba was in it and she cant act to save her life. Her accent? Vile.

    And I liked Just Married, but I liked Vegas better. And I’ve never seen Dude Where’s My Car. I wanted to, just never did.

  3. I’m really not sure how Jessica Alba rose above simply being a model to actually attempting to act, but it’s not working. All she’s really good for is looking at, but she’s really good for that. My mom tried to get me to watch The Women while we were in Indiana, but they started it while Elijah and I were playing Guitar Hero, so I dodged it.

    Dude, Where’s My Car is completely retarded, but hysterical. At least you didn’t think Just Married was some sort of masterpiece. It’s entertaining, but I don’t think I’d ever

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