Marshall, Lily, Barney, Robin and Ted

Today consisted of the following:

– I woke up to a rather early phone call from my mum.

– I finally got out of bed.

– I ate breakfast.

– I helped mum decorate for Christmas.

– Annoyed my mum by singing Christmas songs in a weird accent.

– Annoyed my mum by singing Broadway songs in an awesome French Bob Dylan accent.

– Was ordered to leave my mum alone and go upstairs.

– I attempted to wrap presents. Only finished around four of them.

– My How I Met Your Mother marathon ended, as I do not own the third season on dvd. Go watch that show. It is just plain awesomeness.

– I attempted to clean my room. Attempted being the key word.

– Went with my sister to take my brother to work.

– Helped the mum pick out a snazzy outfit for the company dinner tonight.

– Ordered yummy food.

– Watched When Harry Met Sally. Brilliant movie that one.

– Started to watch Thank You For Smoking but had to go with the sister to pick the brother up from work.

– Sat in the parking lot for 45 minutes because the brother’s work went over time.

– The sister and I forced the brother to get out of the car and go buy us a hot chocolate.

– Finally made it home and watched Psych.

– And now I shall be going to bed because I am oh so sleepy.

Sorry for the no posting in a while thing. I’m a tad busy and my sleeping schedule is all messed up. Darn you time differences. But seriously go watch How I Met Your Mother. Right now. GO!


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One response to “Marshall, Lily, Barney, Robin and Ted

  1. I guess I’ll have to watch My Best Friends Wedding now. Probably tomorrow.

    Glad you liked When Harry Met Sally. It’s one of my top ten movies of all time.

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