F.T.C.E. and L.M.N.

Today I was slightly bored so I looked to my bookshelves for some entertainment. When I glanced over my eyes fell on the bottom shelf where all of my education books are, and one in particular caught my attention. My 538 page F.T.C.E Test Prep book. This was supposed to come in handy this past semester (before I decided to do the whole study abroad thing) because I am an Education major, and when you are an education major your life is full of tests in order to gain your license.The F.T.C.E (Florida Techer Certification Examination) is the mother load of tests made up of three smaller tests: the G.K.T. (General Knowledge Test), a Professional Education exam, and finally a Subject Area exam (in my case, English). Being the awesome Education major I am, I haven’t taken a single one yet.

So like I said, Im sitting in my room and I see my F.T.C.E. practice book. So I took random questions from the first exam and I have to say, having only taken 1/8 of my required education classes, I found a lot of the questions to be ridiculously easy. Like, for example, this question: “Which of the following is a useful way of bringing a daydreaming student back on-task? A. Call on the student B. Walk over and stand near the student C. Question the class D. Stop and stare at the student.” I mean, I learned about that stuff in Intro to Education (the correct question is obviously B). Then comes a question that completely throws me off, such as this little gem: “According to Jean Piaget’s theory of human development, between which ages should students develop the ability to solve abstract problems logically? A. Birth to two B. Two to seven C. Seven to eleven D. Eleven to adult.” Okay, I took two semesters of psychology (one reg and one psych of education class) and I aced both of them. I learned more about Piaget than I ever cared to know, but looking at this question I have absolutely no idea. At all. (cheating the correct answer is D, which makes perfect sense now that I know the answer and look at the question again. But whatever.) Fortunately for me, the easy questions outweigh the bad, which lets me know I am on the right track. And that made me feel good.

What also makes me feel good is my old pal, lifetime movie network, or L.M.N. I am helping my mother decorate the house for Christmas and as a sort of noise in the background we have lmn running. During the holiday season… well pretty much all year round actually, but particularly during the holiday season… they show extremely horrible Christmas themed romance movies full of bad acting, unbearable dialogue, and bad acting. Right now we are viewing The Road to Christmas with Jennifer Grey. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Next up is A Song for the Season about a school administrator that falls in love with a music teacher. I can hardly wait.

**Update: Internet, we have a problem. A terrible terrible problem. I mean a total tragedy of extreme epic proportions. I just found out that my mother, a woman I thought loved me, apparently does not. While helping her decorate I found that she bought a whole slew of new decorations for this year (and further years on) and I loved them! They were great, and our house was just oh so cute. But then I found out who made these so called cute decorations and now, I just can’t look at them the same anymore. A woman named… Martha Stewart. *shudder* CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? My own mother supporting Martha Stewart, a woman I absolutely detest. My aunt knows whats up. Once on my birthday around 7am my aunt came into my room and woke me up saying the news has a special birthday present for me. We turned on the TV and there she was.  live footage of Martha Stewart being arrested and going to jail. I bet my aunt would never buy Martha decorations.



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4 responses to “F.T.C.E. and L.M.N.

  1. Genevieve077

    O.K…. First point… M.S. is the only person that I have found that made decorations to match my lovely theme of Gingerbread/candy canes. Second point…. they have them at K-mart which is in my budget range.
    Third point… they were half price!!
    So yes.. I don’t give a heck who designed them. They met all my requirements. Pretty, theme based and CHEAP!!!!!!
    I was on that like white on rice!!! ( Which by the way..M.S. would know exactly how to cook!!)

  2. improbablefiction

    While I am all for this so called “themed base and cheap” theory, I still can not support your Martha Stewart buying habits. Send her back to jail I say.

  3. Genevieve077

    Oh and by the way….Why would Aunt Torea give you a Christmas present for your birthday???

  4. improbablefiction

    Ha. Fixing that…

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