Smiling is my favorite.

Earlier today Elf was on the television so of course I watched it much to my father’s dismay. It’s a well known fact in my house that my father loathes this movie. How that is even possible, I have no idea. We went and saw it in the theaters when it came out and my dad wanted to leave halfway through calling it “ignorant.” My mother, being the decent woman she is, forced him to get over it and stay. Coincidentally, the same thing happened with Talladega Nights. I think he just has something against Will Ferrell, but that is besides the point. Conversations like these are typical while choosing the movie for the night. My father says what he would like to watch, but I usually veto his vote because I’m a wonderful daughter like that.

Father: “Hey tonight are we watching-”

Mother: “No.”

Father: “So are we watching-”

Me: “Eloise.”

Father: “Scrooooge?”

Me: “No. Eloise at Christmastime.”

Father: “What?”


Father: “What the heck is that?”

Me: “Umm only my favorite Christmas movie ever, father.”

Father: “Oh. Will I like it?”

Mother: “You will like it. It’s a Christmas movie!!”

Father: **in a disgusted voice** “So was Elf.”


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One response to “Smiling is my favorite.

  1. Genevieve077

    Oh and just for the record…I HATE elf to!!!!!

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