David Tennant can doctor my who anytime…

Tonight was unbelievable. Simply amazing. I have the best friend in the entire world.

Okay… starting from the very beginning. For our Shakespeare class we were required to see three live performances of three out of the five plays we were studying. These plays were A Midsummer Nights Dream, Timon of Athens, and my favorite play of all time- Hamlet. We go to the Globe Theater and see the first two plays. Midsummer was so very funny and entertaining and one of the leads had a GIGANTIC butt so it was quite entertaining considering how tight his pants were. Then Timon was downright dreadful and you would have to pay me lots and lots of money to see that or read that again. Sorry Shakes. It was awful. But tonight… tonight my dear readers, we saw Hamlet and HOLY COW it was unbelievably amazing.

So our tickets are for the balcony section, whatever I’m over it. I was just so very excited because playing the title of Hamlet, my loverly Prince of Denmark, was David Tennant. Now if you do not know who this lovely man is, don’t worry, I shall tell you. He is currently on the British sci-fi show Dr. Who though he is retiring from that this year. You may also know him if you have seen the Harry Potter films- he was Barty Crouch Jr. in the fifth movie. Patrick Stewart was also in it as Claudius, Hamlet’s “uncle father” (go read the play right now if you do not get that) and he did a fabulous job. But it was David (obviously) who stole the show. Lets get the fan-girl stuff out of me first. This company decided to do the play in modern day attire meaning David was in a suit for a large part of the play. HOT (I melt for guys in suits, it’s a well known fact). Then when he was in jeans and a t-shirt every single female in the audience edged forward in their seats to get a good look at his yummy tummy when he raised his hands and his shirt went up. With those low jeans on. HOTT. Then, and yes- it gets better. The whole background of the stage was ceiling to floor mirrors which served as doors and props and such throughout the play. I should point out when Hamlet sat down you could see the back of him through the mirrors. And lets just say lover boy was not wearing any underwear. At all. YEAH. Our conversation went like this:

Macie (whispering): “Dude- you can totally see his ass in the mirrors.”

Me (whispering): “Um what do you think I’m staring at? Duh.”

Macie (whispering): “That-a-girl”

Okay, fan-girl has been put away. For now.

His acting was absolutely fantastic. A little Shakespearean trivia for you: Hamlet has the most lines out of any Shakespearean character reaching just at 2,000. Also, with the exception of back in the Shakes days, Hamlet is rarely performed in its entirety. Tonight was cut down and the performance was still 3 hours 30 minutes. And David never messed up (not even once- that I recall anyway) and never even seemed tired. His comic timing was so funny and put Mel Gibson to shame, just saying… everything was just wonderful. But I’m a little biased. But it really was.

Overall I really liked this company’s interpretation of the play. Everything was perfect and having seen Hamlet before I do not remember it being this funny. I laughed so much, especially during the scenes between Hamlet and Polonius. They were so funny together! (p.s.- If you are basing your judgments on the play off of the movie version with Mel Gibson and Glen Close please, please, please just forget everything you saw and start from scratch. Trust me, it’s better this way.)

And now for a random little chuckle during the performance. One of Claudius’ speeches requires him to state the following lines: My words fly up/ My thoughts remain below/ Words without thoughts/ Never to Heaven go. The play is going on quite nicely and this scene comes along. Claudius (Patrick Stewart) starts saying the lines and gets out “My words fly up/ My thoughts remain below” and then took what was one of the LONGEST dramatic pauses I have ever witnessed. So I filled in the gap by whispering the rest of the line to Macie. She looked at me like I was crazy, which happens more often than not…anywhore, Patrick FINALLY finishes the line and Macie looks at me with this look of utter amazement mixed with a hint of disgust. And do you even know what she says to me? “Duuuuude. You need to get a life.” I’m not going to lie- I totally started laughing and couldn’t stop. And she was laughing at me and we were such messes. It was fantastic.

Eventually the play ended and I was sad and Macie and I made our way back to the tube station. I really wanted to go to the stage door but Macie isn’t as big of a nerd (or shakes obsessed) as me, so I didn’t want to make her wait in the freezing cold. But we passed the stage door on our way to the tube station and she knew- felt it in her heart of hearts- that all I wanted to do was stand outside and wait for David. So she told me that she would wait with me and let me be my nerdy self. And so we stood. And stood. And took very random pictures. And kept standing. And then a mini-van pulled up, aka David’s get away car (totally hot, I know) and then… David came out of the stage door. And people are clapping and he started signing a few things and I don’t know if you know this, but I am a tad on the shorter side of life. Macie? Not so much. She grabbed my camera and pushed her way towards the front of the crowd and got pictures for me. I was so happy. And then it got a little quiet and David was on our side of the crowd and so I saw it as my opportunity to be bold (aka not myself), and I shouted “David! I really liked you in Dr. Who!!” and then he shouted back “Thank you!” AHHHHHHH. I was so happy, dare I even say ecstatic. I’m waiting on Macie to step back, by this time David had gotten into the van, and when she turned around she handed me her ticket. And I just looked at her. And she said “Merry Christmas!” and I looked down and she GOT HIM TO SIGN HER TICKET FOR ME. And then we came home and I am still just freaking out.

Internet, I have the best friend.

in the theater

In the theater waiting for the play to start!


This is how high up we were. It was really scary.




Sexy can I.


Heck yes I took a picture. Proof baby.



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2 responses to “David Tennant can doctor my who anytime…

  1. Five pounds? Did this seriously cost you less than going to a movie?

    And balconies are where the cool kids hang.

  2. improbablefiction

    I suppose so. But I think our professor was able to get us a deal on them…

    balconies are fun, yes, but the angle we were at felt like we could fall over any minute. not so fun.

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