What the Buck?!

Okay, so I have been a fan of What the Buck for a while, so imagine my happiness when he did a segment of his review of Twilight. Basically, I don’t think anyone else could do the movie such justice.** It’s hysterical, and I can’t seem to stop watching it (it being his review. The movie… well I have to watch it illegally and they are starting to pull it off the internet for some stupid thing called a copyright violation? Anywho, I’d rather see it in the theaters where the coloring isn’t all brown and gray and blue and weird because it’s being recorded.)

So if you have seen the movie, read the books, both, or you have no intentions of seeing the movie, reading the books, or both, please please check out his review (though you may find it funnier if you have a general understanding of the storyline. Just saying…) But I should warn you I suppose. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Consider yourself warned. And go subscribe to What the Buck. He is amaaaazing.

**I seem to sort of disagree with his opinion of Kristen Stweart (best part though- he calls her the wrong name. Classic). I mean, I think she did a fantastic job in two scenes of the movie. And they are at the end. The rest? Notsome. But more about that when I post my Twilight post thing.



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5 responses to “What the Buck?!

  1. So this whole spoiler deal. It’s not like I give a shit about the series, but assuming I didn’t spoil it for myself is there a chance it’s major enough that I might somehow enjoy the movie more if I watched it without the spoiler.

  2. improbablefiction

    Umm…idk. Your question confused me.

    I put spoiler alert because he tells what happens throughout the entire movie, so if you were to watch this then go see it there wouldn’t really be any “surprises” like their first date (if you can call it that) or what the bad guy does to Bella or anything like that. He doesn’t really give away the ending because he liked it and doesn’t really want to spoil it… so I mean, since you said “Its not like I give a shit about the series” I don’t think it would really ruin it for you.

    clear as mud? just go watch it.

  3. Sorry, I was mainly trying to figure out if there was some huge SixthSense/FightClub/Unbreakable twist that might help it somehow.

    Since that doesn’t seem to be the case though, this Buck guy was surprisingly amusing to watch. I feel like I’ve practically seen it, except in six minutes with the boring details cut out. I probably still won’t end up seeing the actual movie until someone makes me.

  4. improbablefiction

    He is amaazing. All of his videos are well worth watching. I loves him.

  5. seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there’s a crazy lot of ticket sales at stake

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