It’s literally a metaphor.

Today was notsome. Although I am sooo happy to be in London, I was sad I couldn’t be with my family for Thanksgiving. But I come home in about two weeks, so I refused to let myself get too depressed about it. We still had classes today, because the British don’t celebrate the holiday, and the Buckster came into poetry class all ready to give us a lesson about poetry. Well I really couldn’t be bothered to listen, so I thought it would be fun to distract him. So this is how it went. Oh and I should mention about six people (from the usual 12-15) showed up today.

Buckster: “Well, you decided to show up didn’t you.”

Girl one: “Happy Thanksgiving Professor Buckingham!!”

Me: “Happy day we decided to leave the British!”

Girl two: “Are you serious? Please don’t tell me this is all the people that are going to show up today.”

Boy one: “You might as well cancel class.”

Girl three: “I agree. No need in having a lesson. Besides, it’s a holiday.”

Girl one: “Yea, in America no one has classes this week.”

Buckster: “Well you are not in America now are you?”

Girl one: “Well, technically no.”

Buckster: “Well, alright then, lets get started.”

Me: “So how many different countries have you taught in?”

Buckster: “Oh, how many different countries have I taught in? Well let me see…”

**about 10 minutes goes by. I have distracted him from the lesson!**

Buckster: “…And I suppose that’s it. Why do you ask?”

Me: “Oh, I was just curious. You always talk about being in other countries. I just wondered.”

**the Buckster goes on another rant about his life for about 2 or 3 minutes**

Buckster: “Well now, about the lesson”

Me: “Oh, I passed Katie on the way over here and she said she is printing off her paper and will be coming to class, but she will just be a little late.”

Buckster: “Oh, well I suppose we should wait on her then.”

**about 5- 10 minutes pass and Katie comes in.**

Buckster: “Well, I’ll just give a short lesson and let you out early.”

He then proceeded to talk about poetry for a while, and let us out 30 minutes early. I mean, it was the best poetry class ever. Then me, girl two and girl three were walking back to our dorm when we walked by Buttercup, the really amazing cupcake shop we always pass on the way to class. So girl two said she would buy us all cupcakes and so we went in and talked about missing our families, crazy drunk people who always manage to find me and tell me they can not remember their room code or find their key (it has happened more than four times) as if I can really do anything about it, and other girl topics.

Then I went to Shakespeare class (soooo boring), then did laundry (soooooo boring), then watched What the Buck (soooo funny), then ate Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria (sooo interesting), then helped Jess develop her film. While she was mixing the developer I played the 50 States Game and both times got all 50!! And now I can even do them in semi-alphabetical order. I say semi because they are in alphabetical order in that all the “A” states are grouped together, all the “C” states and so on, but within those groups they are not necessarily in alphabetical order. Once I master that, then its on to adding capitals. We tried tonight and let me just say, I suck at capitals. I couldn’t remember over half of them.

We also played an invigorating game of MASH and even though I got the husband option I wanted most, turns out he is a stripper! And I work at Krispy Kreme. I mean, gross. I HATE Krispy Kreme. And though we do have our honeymoon in London, my result of spw (if you play the game with this you will know what I’m talking about. If not, I don’t feel like telling you. Go find out for yourself.) was 2. I mean, how awful is that. Just pretty awful if you ask me.

And I am having back spasms again. You would think living with constant back pain almost your entire life would make you numb to the new pains, but I finally got the spasms to stop before I left for England. They are just so annoying… I can barely even turn from the waist up. But such is life I suppose.

But now I must go to sleeps so I can wake up oh so early and get on a bus for three hours so I can see my lover SHAKSPEARE!!!!!


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5 responses to “It’s literally a metaphor.

  1. Step one: Smoldering eye contact.
    Step two: Learning about his past
    Step three: ???????

    So do you know a male stripper for some reason or do you play some ultra-detailed version of mash that includes a husband’s job? Or maybe that’s just how girls have always done it. If a guy plays MASH, I guess it’s just assumed that he’ll have a stay at home wife. I’ve never played a version that included the spouses occupation.

    And back to my first points, Buckster is the stripper, isn’t he? You’re so sick, Lauren.

  2. improbablefiction

    We play really detailed MASH, I mean, duh.

    Husband, Husbands Job, your job, bridesmaid (as in who will your bridesmaids be), wedding dress designer, wedding dress color, honeymoon, pet, car, color of car, number of kids, boy kids name, girl kids name, place you will live, spw, aaand I think that is it. The more categories the more fun.

    And just thinking of the Buckster being a stripper gets my gag reflex going. That is absolutely disgusting.

  3. Wow. That is ridiculous. I’ve never played a game of MASH that extended beyond a wife, a job, a car, a house, country/state/city, and number of kids.

  4. improbablefiction

    Well you are simply missing out.

  5. Sometimes I wish so badly I knew who was going to make my wedding tux.

    And then I remember I can’t name a single clothing company that doesn’t sell t-shirts. And then I remember I never really cared to begin with. It’s a senseless loop, really.

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